The Squirrel & The Dragonfly


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A book that could help develop the child’s empathy, kindness and leadership potential.

Empathy, kindness and teamwork are just some of the values that can be learned from Brenda Huddleston’s book The Squirrel & The Dragonfly. In this endearing story of Liam and Sophia, there is certainly more than meets the eye.

This is not only a children’s book about adorable animals that captivate the interest of children. This is a story that can take a child on a journey that enables them to see others in the light of friendship and cooperation, even those who seem different from who you are.

These days, when selfishness is prevalent and intolerance with those outside one’s group is common, children can learn to look more deeply at those surrounding them. They can learn about the weakness and vulnerability of others and find within them an ability to relate to other people’s plight.

Though narrated through animal characters, children can still identify with them and find themselves immersed in a narrative that can be similar to events in their own lives. Even at school and in small social circles that a child goes into, he or she can learn how to be a part of a group that strives to help those in need.

With an easy-to-follow narrative and attractive animal characters, this book is worth the read especially during bedtime with their parents. It can spur deeper questions and discussions that can further equip the emotional growth of children, enabling them to see themselves as capable of courage, leadership and compassion.

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This story is about an unlikely friendship between Liam the squirrel and Sophia the dragonfly. They meet when Liam hears Sophia's small cry while in the woods. Sophia's tiny leg had gotten stuck by a tree branch preventing her from flying. She was all alone because most dragonflies had already flown away for the season. Liam runs to his squirrel friends and together they rescue her. They take her to their nest and nurture her until she is able to fly. These tiny creatures demonstrate genuine compassion, friendship, and diversity without even trying. This example of nature can so easily be missed if we are not watching carefully.

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Published on February 22, 2021

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