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The Squirbles and the Messy Room


Must read 🏆

Hilarious illustrations and relatable storyline (messy kids' room) made this an absolute delight to read.

My first impression, the cover will make your child smile at the unique way Percy (character on top bunk) is picking up his stinky sock. Yup, I can only surmise it's stinky because a sock on the floor in any room is more than likely a stinker. 

Before the story begins, Kate Teves (writer and illustrator) introduces the cast of characters. What a fun-looking crew! My family liked Pip's goggles and Elaine, the airplane flying fish, the most; however, all the characters were spectacularly drawn. 

The opening segment of The Squirbles and the Messy Room is very relatable to children and adults. Percy and Pip's parents enter their room, shout about how messy the room is, and demand they clean it up. Yup, that happens every minute of every day in some home, somewhere. As with real life, the fictional parents repeatedly asked them to clean up before they blew up at them. 

Percy and Pip had to tidy up the toys, straighten posters, pick up the clothing, and toss the trash. They had help, though. The cat in a maid outfit carrying a feather duster made me laugh. It'll make your children laugh too! 

Things were progressing smoothly in the clean-up process until a flying fish (Elaine) and a cat (Bessie) made contact with a ceiling fan. Yes, you read that right. Wacky scenario, but I loved it, and your kid(s) will love it too. The cleaning adventure is 100% AFV material! (That's America's Funniest Home Videos.) 

Amazon's recommended reading age is 2-7, grade level of preschool -2. Kids close to 2 might not understand words like inspection, toiled, and squalor. However, they will love the comical illustrations. 

One final thing, after the cast of characters, there's an opportunity to scan "robot puke" to discover more Squirble® books + activities! I encourage you to check it out! 

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In this heartwarming Squirble® story, Percy and Pip return to rescue their messy room before it’s too late. But when their pet fish and pet cat try out a shortcut, things get a lot... worse.

Like the other Squirble® stories, this book is told in breezy rhyme that will delight early readers. Each word of this book has been carefully selected to create lines that are easy and fun to read. New vocabulary keeps things interesting, and even the fonts have been carefully selected to accommodate dyslexic readers.

This is the kind of book that will make parents and kids laugh together. Parents, teachers, kids, and even eye-rolling teens will all laugh together in this funny, whimsical tale of a big brother and a little brother.

The Squirble books and printable activites are written and illustrated by Kate Teves from her studio in South Florida. The colorful illustrations reflect the bright, sunny colors of the Sunshine State.

Looking for a small gift to give to the big brother at a baby shower? The Squirble books are the perfect way to remind a sibling just how great it is to have a partner-in-crime.

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I am a writer and illustrator in South Florida. In 2017, I had an idea for a children's book, but I did not know how to draw. I started teaching myself the basics, and soon I was just as much in love with illustrating as I was with writing! view profile

Published on August 01, 2022

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