The Sprightly Carrot's Dream


Loved it! 😍

A charming story that leaves you a little happier than when you started it.

If you have been looking for an entertaining story for your young reader, then look no further - The Sprightly Carrot's Dream is for you! This book inspires children to believe in their dreams and reminds them that nothing is impossible. All you need is a little creativity and a good friend!

The beautiful artwork and humorous storyline will make this picture book an excellent pick for any young reader. It is only 36 pages long, which is just about right for most grade-schoolers, and a lovely book to read any time of day. Although this book has many plot twists, which may surprise the reader, it extols the virtues of "keep reading" - a mantra many children will eventually learn.

The artwork is creative and endearing. However, the carrot and the dog are the same colour which children may find a little amusing. Nonetheless, you will fall in love with a little orange sprightly carrot and his best friend, Ralph, the dog.

I enjoyed reading this book and found the story to be both entertaining and imaginative. As such, I would recommend The Sprightly Carrot's Dream to any child, of any age, to read. It is inspirational, adventurous, and fun! You will find the artwork to be endearing and the storyline delightful.

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Sprightly the carrot has the perfect life… for a normal carrot.

However, Sprightly is not your normal carrot.

He wants to become a flower.

Dave the daisy and the other flowers make fun of Sprightly, but his upbeat nature prevails. With the help of Ralph the dog, creativity, and hard work, the sprightly carrot proves that even the most unlikely dreams can come true in this funny, heart warming adventure.

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Thirty some years ago, I was the kid at the back of the class who cartooned all over everything. I tried growing up for a time, but gave up on that! I have three kids of my own who've inspired me to pursue this dream of writing and illustrating fun stories. view profile

Published on December 22, 2020

2000 words

Genre: Children's

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