The Spirit of Cancer


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An inspirational, self-help read but not in a preachy way.. must read for everyone.. given the current global scenario

In The Spirit of Cancer, the author gives a personal account of her life BC (Before Cancer) and AC (After Cancer), as she calls it. The book is written from a place of honesty and it makes for a very positive and heartwarming read. Even though I personally have not dealt with cancer myself or with a loved one, I could relate to a lot of lessons and learnings. In fact, Jill makes it clear in the beginning that this book is not just for those suffering with cancer, but for anyone who is going through a difficult period. 

The book is divided into 3 parts - Lessons, Losses and Blessings. Each part is beautifully written with short, easy-to-read chapters and life examples which are so relatable. I liked the introspecting questions at the end of some chapters which really made me slow down and think about my life choices. The addition of others’ personal stories woven into each chapter was also a nice touch. It made the book more real and not just a “preachy” account of one person’s inspirational story. I haven’t seen that a lot in such books, so it was a lovely addition which speaks a lot about the author and her honest desire to present a well-rounded account of the debilitating effect cancer has on loved ones. (For me, Jill’s husband, Mark’s story, hit home the most)

My favourite quote (and there are so many!) from the book is “Have patience and Trust your Journey”. Even though I have finished the book, I find myself re-visiting this quote whenever I get anxious or worry about ‘what next’. This book came to me when I needed it the most. Thanks to Jill for sharing her account, I can see her going on to write more inspirational books touching upon the real struggles faced by regular people.

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Jill Heiderich is a wife, mother, and thyroid cancer survivor who lives in Oak Creek, Wisconsin with her husband, Mark, two children, Charlie and Julia, and their dog, Gus. view profile

Published on June 12, 2020

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