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I am intrigued by the creativity of this series but highly recommend reading book one - The Eternal Cycle - before reading this one.

The Spiral Staircase is the second book in the Lollopers Series by, Ian McCartney. I will tell you right off the bat, that I did not read the first book in this series, The Eternal Cycle, before reading this one. I will also tell you, that I am pretty sure that was a mistake. So if you haven't already read Book One, do yourself a favor and stop reading this review right now and pick it up.

The Spiral Staircase hits the ground running as we meet Sam. Olivia, Charlie, and Natalie as they prepare for a field trip to The Natural History Museum in London, which is about to go very wrong. That would be interesting enough, but what the book description fails to mention is that these four children have the ability to speak to bugs and the bugs are going on the trip too. I was not prepared for the Ant Man-like qualities of these children when I picked it up so this was not quite what I was expecting.

However, once I got through the initial shock of the turn the story took, and got comfortable in the new universe of people/bug friendships and powers, I was more comfortable with what was happening and could really enjoy the plot and getting to know the characters. In the end, I was hooked and ready for more.

I am intrigued by the creativity of this series. Would I have gotten more out of this book if I had read the first book of the series before this one? Yes. I'm pretty sure I would have. So now I need to go back and read The Eternal Cycle and await Book Three... I give this book THREE SIPS out of five. Not quite a full cup of tea, but still pretty satisfying.

Check out my blog - - for a few looks at the real like places that Sam, Olivia, Charlie, and Natalie visit in The Spiral Staircase. Not being from London myself, I enjoyed taking a closer look into what these places really looked like.

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My inspiration for the Lollopers series came from my decade-long battle with Lyme disease - which made me truly understand how it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. I'm also the author of The Kiss of Lyme which aims to give hope to people suffering from long term illness view profile

Published on January 01, 2020

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