The Southren Road


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An epic fantasy story with a fully realized and descriptive world that was a joy to fall into.

The Southren Road by Julian M. Armstrong is an epic fantasy story with a fully realized and descriptive world that was a joy to fall into. The story is about Glorhelm the elf and a group of his companions as they embark on a quest to help save and heal their ravaged land, Tala. This land has been completely devastated and its people are ready to begin anew. But what if the destruction is not completely vanquished? It is up to Glorhelm and his colleagues to find out!

That description seems fairly standard for a fantasy epic, right? While the storyline is similar to many other fantasy novels, The Southren Road stands out with its impressive writing, intriguing characters, and world-building. The strongest part of this book by far is the vast descriptions of Tala. The author built this world from the ground up and let it flourish within the pages of the story. I loved reading about it and found myself picturing everything very vividly. Additionally, I loved the characters so much. Maybe I’m biased, but I just love stories that involve other fantasy races like this one did, such as: elves, dwarves, druids, and witches. It was really wonderful to read about and discover not only each character, but also the various backgrounds and histories that each one carried with them. I think having a story that involves characters of differing races and backgrounds brings so much more to the table and I find myself really looking forward to seeing where the series progresses from here.

I would probably say that the type of reader who would enjoy this story the most is someone who is a big fan of classic fantasy epics. This story reminded me a great deal of the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Tolkien. It has such a classic feel to it that I think lots of fantasy fans will enjoy. I would also say if you are a fan of other classic fantasy authors such as Tad Williams, David Eddings, and Terry Brooks then you will most likely love this book as I did. 

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The Leaf and Field

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Julian M Armstrong (b. 1963) is a British author, based in Brighton & Hove on the South Coast of England. view profile

Published on July 17, 2020

Published by Rowanvale Books

80000 words

Genre: Fantasy

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