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The Source: Origins (Book 1)


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Mortals trapped in a bleak, futuristic world, striving to make sense of their thoughts, beliefs and actions, their gods long gone.

To begin with, this story leaves a successful imprint on the reader's mind, because it is, content-wise, highly original. The author has deftly delivered a bleak world that is both futuristic and medieval, but most importantly, brand new.

The medieval themes of romantic love, sexual promiscuity, religious zealotry, lordship and peasantry, noble quests, as well as grim and random violence, are all beautifully delivered and aided by the dark, livid setting of a world thrust in ignorance, propaganda and fear of the unknown.

What struck me as the most intriguing post-apocalyptic element in this story, was the geographical feeling of claustrophobia that the reader comes to possess. After seeing the map and registering all the little details that the characters divulge,the reader grimly realizes that this world is just a large island, with the oceans all around it leading to nowhere, and with its heavens empty and silent.

When it comes to the characters, the author has pulled off his part respectably, delivering interesting backstories, motivations and fluctuating feelings. The plot of the story is rapid and keeps one on his or her toes, as hints are constantly dropped regarding an earth-shattering conclusion that will overthrow all stability and collected data.

However, this story has two significant drawbacks: firstly and most importantly, the dialogue may be witty, but it feels unoriginal and seems to adhere to highly simplistic patterns of dialogue-writing. Secondly, the conclusion of the story does indeed leave the reader baffled, but for all the wrong reasons.

Arguably, though, these minor setbacks make a reader anxious to read the sequel, and the mystery that "The Source: Origins" is draped with, is beautiful, incessant and masterfully delivered. I would recommend this story to anyone who wishes to read something that may have its flaws, but is highly original and leaves mysteries unresolved.

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A.J. Witt lives in Manhattan and writes under a pseudonym. He is a corporate attorney by day and by night. At dawn and dusk, he uses his wild imagination to create fantastical worlds. view profile

Published on September 09, 2019

Published by Spring Cedars

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Genre: Action & Adventure

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