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The Source: Galactic Steps (Book 2)


Loved it! 😍

An array of fascinating characters take their first Galactic Steps into the vast unknown universe which exceeds their wildest expectations.

A.J. Witt has really pulled off an incredible sequel to the first "The Source" book here. Leaving behind the sole planet of Dominion and the feeling of geographical entrapment that all characters conveyed, this second book transports characters and readers alike to the vast, mysterious universe. New planets, new developments, different cultures, shining characters, feats of courage and feats of subtlety, all fuse together into a highly captivating series of parallel narratives, taking place in multiple worlds simultaneously.

Science fiction as well as realism coexist beautifully in this book. All of the characters have pressing matters of survival and social elevation. The dialogue has been greatly improved if one compares it with the first book of the series. It flows beautifully and it delivers an astonishing feeling of everyday encounters.

All in all, this is truly a book that exceeds expectations, and Witt clearly overdid himself writing it. It is as if this multi-planet narrative was kept like a jack in the box, to be sprung upon the readership in this second book and skyrocket the entire series! By the end, the reader is left with his or her mouth agape, anxiously waiting for the next book of the series to see what comes after.

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A.J. Witt lives in Manhattan and writes under a pseudonym. He is a corporate attorney by day and by night. At dawn and dusk, he uses his wild imagination to create fantastical worlds. view profile

Published on July 07, 2020

Published by Spring Cedars

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Genre: Action & Adventure

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