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The Soul Redeemer


Loved it! 😍

The Soul Redeemer is a Christian fiction page-turner with spiritual warfare undertones that reminded me of Strobel and Wiehl.

The Soul Redeemer by Dineen Miller is the sequel to The Soul Saver. While I have not read The Soul Saver yet, this did not inhibit my enjoyment of the book. The Prophetic Arts series is a set of Christian books with spiritual warfare undertones.

Lexie Baltimore is pregnant with her third child, married to Hugh Baltimore, and has a gift for sculpting those whom she is to help. I was intrigued by this spiritual gift as I have not seen it used before in Christian writing. While it may not be traditional, I like how Miller wove this unique talent into the storyline.

Jeremy is her first born and seems to have an interesting gift as well. (There is a minor spelling issue through the first one-third of the book where the spelling switches between “Jeremy” or “Jeremey.”)

Lexie’s husband Hugh has been an atheist but is leaning more toward agnostic. He is science minded with a job as professor at Stanford University.

Nate is a pastor who had been at Freedom Church, but he is flying into San Francisco from China where he has been doing some mission or pastoral work. He has a gift for recognizing demons. Nate ran into a demon named Tobias in China who seemed to be threatening Lexie’s family, so that is why Nate is returning to San Francisco.

As the book begins, the focus is on why Nate has flown from China to San Francisco and sent Lexie cryptic texts. Nate explains that he re-encountered Tobias--someone from both of their pasts--and feels he is to save Hugh, but also pray for Lexie. However, things take an emotional turn when Lexie is in a car accident and airlifted to the hospital. 

When I began to read this book, it reminded me of a cross between Lis Wiehl’s Darkness Rising and Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. The Soul Redeemer is obviously Christian, though I have read Christian fiction that is preachier. There seemed to be alot that happened between the last two chapters without many details which might come across as a quick happy-ever-after but seems to be common in Christian fiction. While I was able to follow the storyline without having read the previous book, I so enjoyed The Soul Redeemer (almost read the whole thing in one day) that I will be adding the rest of the Prophetic Arts books to my reading list.

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Dineen Miller is a multi-published and award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction books. When she's not writing, she's designing book covers. She and her husband love walking the famous white sands of Siesta Key Beach where they live in Sarasota, Florida, a.k.a. paradise. view profile

Published on November 27, 2020

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