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The Servant Leader's Manifesto


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The Servant Leader's Manifesto is a blueprint for how to lead in this age of technology and group exceptionalism.

Omar Luqmaan-Harris discusses the importance of servant leadership and shows readers how to implement the principles related to this type of leadership. The author uses the following broad areas to guide the reader in implementing servant leadership principles:

1.    How servant leadership starts from within

2.    How servant leadership requires a radical shift in attitude related to the leader’s role

3.    How to wield the power of positive psychology

4.    Why team talent outweighs individual talent every time, and how to unlock it

5.    How to reframe the game of business for your team and organization

6.    What love has to do with leadership

The author is careful to trace the history of leadership and show why the traditional top down hierarchical way of leadership has failed. Any manager who does not believe in the one size fits all leadership model can find an ally in Omar Luqmaan – Harris.

Both new and seasoned leaders can benefit from this book because the language is simple. I love the list of references that the author has provided for persons who need additional information on the subject. There are 68 references, a number that is rarely seen in publications of this size, this is commendable. I am not sure why the table of contents is at the back of the book, instead of the front. Placing the table of contents at the back was kind of weird to me but the book is worth reading.

My main takeaway from The Servant Leader’s Manifesto is no leader is perfect and the traditional top down way of leadership is not effective in today’s work climate. I am a big believe in servant leadership, so I was happy to see a book that provided simple steps for implementing the principles.

I recommend the text to both new and seasoned leaders who wish to implement servant leadership principles. 

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Omar L. Harris has been creating high-performance organizations since 2006. He is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach; a bestselling, award-winning fiction author; independent publishing guru; entrepreneur; and twenty-year veteran of the global pharmaceutical industry. view profile

Published on April 30, 2020

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