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The Sequence


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A dystopian adventure involving the morality of gene editing. Thrilling, moving, and thought-provoking.

The Sequence is a dystopian tale taking place many years in the future, when genome editing is a thing among several other tech and scientific advancements. Despite the condemnation and restrictions from various fronts, Kit McKee is a leading geneticist, producing the best augments in the world, including a secret one that could change humanity forever. The question is: for better or worse?

The book weaves the stories of different characters together. Apart from Kit, we follow a Hong Kong detective as he tries to solve a series of strange homicides and a triad smuggler hired for a job that turns out to be harder and far more complicated than usual. All the characters are intriguing and well-developed.

The writing is rich and smooth, unravelling the plot very nicely. At times it does feel a bit too languid for the action illustrated, while also missing some opportunities for more depth in terms of important scenes and emotions, for example. Nevertheless, the overall effect of The Sequence is good. You can look forward to an immersive and thought-provoking experience.

To be exact, through the mystery, intrigue, and excitement, we get to think about the morality of gene editing. As Jurassic Park’s Ian Malcom pointed out, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. But what if some augments actually save lives? Does it justify what Kit and other scientists like her do, not to mention the means used to reach their goals? Additionally, is the betterment of mankind worth delivering such innovations to people who happily abuse and weaponize them?

This novel is a worthwhile read, not just because of the great plot, characters, and style, but also because it makes very important points regarding human nature and scientific discovery. The Sequence is the type of science fiction that makes you think and feel while sweeping you up in smart and thrilling action that doesn’t go overboard. Quality work all-round.

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Lucien is a Canadian writer and airline pilot who has lived in the UK, Hong Kong, France, Poland, and the Netherlands. He now lives in Whistler, British Columbia with his wife Katie. The Sequence is his first novel. view profile

Published on August 16, 2021

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