The Seekers: Soul Ties


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A beautiful story of love and friendship set in an interesting world with magic and mystery.

This was such an interesting read from the beginning. The author has given us a rich world with such interesting characters. I loved reading about the world this book was set in and the intricate details in it. I also loved reading about the different types of people living in this world. It was fun getting to know these characters.

The book is divided into two parts. They are about different characters in an almost similar setting. The first part was about Sabiri and Iskrila. They are living their peaceful happy lives when suddenly there is a danger brought to their peaceful world. They are thrown into confusion and chaos. A means to save their village ends up in their hands. 

“Run! There was no other thought in Iskrila’s mind. She had to! Was it her own thought? Or was it the artifact’s that was hanging under her clothes, inflaming her every nerve with its heartbeat and horror?”

The second part is about Bacara and Maria. An almost similar situation occurs for them as well. Now, they are forced to act to protect themselves and everything they hold dear. There is magic involved here too in the hunt for the artifact they need. 

I loved the world-building in this book. The villages they lived in and the surrounding kingdoms were beautifully explained. I loved the characters as well. They were such fierce and loyal women who would go to great lengths to protect those who are dear to them. I loved their relationships and the camaraderie.

The magical element in the story was unique. There were explanations but still, it felt very vague. I wish there was more information in the first part of the book. It felt a little too short.

Even though I enjoyed the read, it felt incomplete somehow. I felt like I expected more from this book. But it was a very good read!

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We are two people who found each other by sheer luck. We spend way too much time living off fantasy worlds and falling in love with these worlds and its characters.


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I am a programmer by trade, but a fantasy writer by soul. Publishing my The Seekers: Soul Ties took a long time, but it was worth it. Aside fantasy I also enjoy sci-fi, thriller and detectives. I love watching movies, cartoons and anime. view profile

Published on May 26, 2021

90000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Fantasy

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