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The Seekers of Genesis: Empyreal Roots


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Villow has trained his entire life to be a Guide-to recreate and save an endangered race. His twin brother Dameaon won't let it be easy.

When feuding twin brothers Dameaon and Villow announce their chosen Paths at a long-planned-for coming-of-age ceremony, black sheep Dameaon's unexpected choice twists their futures in ways far more costly than he could realize.

Family drama spills over into social and global responsibility as the two brothers recreate Earth and must create and guide humanity through various rough spots in history ("trials"). How do they pass a trial? It's simple: Forget the fact that they loathe every fiber of each other and agree/compromise without using magic, while disguised as humans, not getting intimate with humans, and not taking positions of leadership in human civilizations--oh, and not killing anyway (especially using magic).

Easy, right? Well, perhaps it would be easier if the brothers' failures didn't bring impending doom upon the entire human race/Earth as well as their own banishment (which would suck, being immortal) or termination.

Be warned: don't start reading it unless you can finish it all in one sitting...or at least the same day. The suspense and twists in this book will NOT let you go. I was riveted by the journey of both brothers, told in superbly-written first-person POV alternation between the brothers.

The Seekers of Genesis: Empyreal Roots is one of the most original historical fantasy retellings I have read. Seeing iconic scenes play out from Spartan history, for example, retold in such a vivid and immersive style had me right there with the characters throughout the entire story. Walters is a true master of the craft, and I will definitely be adding this book in physical form to my personal collection as soon as I am able. I cannot bear the thought of not reading this piece again-it was magical.

The coming-of-age aspect does introduce a good number of thought-provoking, dark, and even gory scenes at the end that reminded me of a Game Of Thrones vibe, but the early/middle sections of the book were light and smooth reads.

It is the characters, though, that truly make this piece shine. Walters transitions both brothers so smoothly from white to grey to black in ways that are empathetical and heart-wrenching. From family drama and bullies to love and war, this book truly touches on the very essence of what it means to be human and how, ultimately, to see the potential, the love, and the goodness in humanity despite our flaws and self-destructive tendencies. This is definitely a story that will make you feel and think in addition to sucking you into the adventure. A wonderfully-written 5/5.

**Trigger Warnings: Bullying, divorce, murder, genocide mentioned, war, gore, dismemberment, mentions of rape/death of children and women.**

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Published on April 06, 2021

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