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The Security


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Who arranges for her own kidnapping and involves her husband's mistress as a security?

Natalie Grainger enjoys her life as mistress to the wealthy William Travis Benton, or Benny as he is known. Looking glamorous and attending corporate functions was just one of the many perks of her chosen life and this one just happens to be on a tourist cruise boat off the coast of Hilton Head Island. The fact that Benny's wife is also present doesn't faze Natalie, especially when she meets the handsome Drew Canton. When the boat is rammed by another one and is in danger of sinking, Natalie and Drew jump into the water and swim for it. The story takes a turn when Emma, Benny's wife, disappears in the chaos of the boat evacuation and everyone is suspect. Natalie is whisked to a safe location with Drew as her bodyguard when Emma is believed to be kidnapped by the Dutchman. Natalie has a hard time figuring out her role and why her life is in danger. Eventually, Natalie discovers that Emma plotted her own kidnapping to get Benny's money without having to divorce him and that Natalie is the security and the backup if Benny refuses to pay. Emma and Drew's connection surprises Natalie and complicates Natalie's escape from the island where the nefarious Dutchman is holding her. Throw in FBI and CIA secret agents and Natalie loses track of who the good and bad guys are and whom she can trust.

Suggested as a psychological thriller, it is fast-paced and an easy read. Somewhat predictable in the plot line, the characters are well developed and likable. There is a twist to the story at the end (no spoilers here) that amused me. Perfect for beach or travel reading, it's easy to get absorbed in the story. Romance, exotic locations, perfect escapism reading. I can absolutely see this one as a movie.

Robert is now a full-time author and his #1 bestselling real estate books have helped thousands of people profit from the largest investment they’ll ever make. Robert’s true passion is fiction, however, and his debut thriller, “New York Fried”, introducing former CIA trainer turned chef, Artichoke Hart, was an instant hit. Robert currently lives in Southern Ontario where he continues to write fiction, assist other authors, and aid investors to realize their dreams in real estate.

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Mr. Morrow has been a marketing executive, newspaper editor, and real estate agent, as well as a Taekwondo and Pilates instructor. His latest thriller, "The Security" went to #2 within 24 hours of launch and continues to get rave reviews. Robert currently lives in Southern Ontario. view profile

Published on October 10, 2019

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