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The Satisfied Introvert: A Memoir About Finding Safety in an Extroverted World


Loved it! 😍

Crisp and defining details sprinkled here and there helped bring the times, places, and people right off the pages.

I was elated to find a title that appealed to me so much as an introvert and also didn’t remind me of any of the other books I’ve read about the subject. I was not disappointed!

Benjamin Plumb, not only tackled a complex concept about introverts and the way they approach an extroverted world from an early age, but he executed it in an easily digestible and readable way. This memoir, packed with relatable characteristics of an introvert, a variety of life experiences that ranged from young infatuation and the Vietnam War to international business affairs read like a novel at times. I was equally entertained as I was intrigued. 

Plumb’s style and tone rung out early in the book and remained steady throughout. I appreciated how he consistently related his experiences back to the initial concept of a “winning recipe” for introverts, without it feeling forced or obligatory. There was a natural flow in Plumb’s writing that made the book, overall, entertaining and informative. There were certain sections that delved into the details of Plumb’s business endeavors over the years, which were at times a little dense for a reader without much personal knowledge of the subject, but, ultimately, those sections were informative and not too long. 

Many books about being an introvert are laden with advice, techniques, and exercises to handle uncomfortable situations. Plumb’s memoir does offer advice and a few techniques, but the presentation of personal experiences supports his claims in a much more effective way than some other books I’ve read. There was a balance that just worked.

I recommend this book to anyone who is curious about life as an introvert and how it can play a role throughout life. Plumb covers a broad range of places, from Brazil to Hawaii and more, cultures, and experiences, and would interest fans of memoirs in general. This book is also great for any reader who is interested in travel and other cultures. Crisp and defining details sprinkled here and there helped bring the times, places, and people right off the pages.

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Ben graduated from the Harvard Business School and was a US Army Intelligence officer in Vietnam. His obsession with his winning recipe mistakenly led him into careers as an entrepreneur and an executive. When he gave those up and began to live openly as an introvert, he turned his life around. view profile

Published on February 04, 2022

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