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The Royal Matchmaking Competition: The Fate of the Empire


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The Empire Is Under Attack - Can He Still Find The Love of His Life?

A truly chivalrous prince...How often do we see that anymore? It seems like fairy tales are dead...And now that I've found a true and chivalrous prince charming, you're about to meet your end. How sad."

Prince Zadkiel of Velazia is back, and he's eliminated his first round of RMC contestants. From twelve, he's now down to seven. But his erstwhile cousin, Clayton, has found a means to infiltrate the palace and attacks, taking everyone by surprise. On top of that, one of the eliminated contestants' families secede from the Empire and join forces with Velazia's enemy, Payonna, in declaring war. With war from without, rebel attacks and spies from within, will Zadkiel even live long enough to choose his future bride? And can all of his family survive the coming war?

This book has all the charm and fun of the last book. It's nice to see Zadkiel seriously pondering things that he'll change when he comes to rule the empire, and being careful with his choices regarding his contestants. He's still just as entertaining and absorbing of a protagonist to tag along with. Despite the fact that my own favorite contestant didn't end up making it to the final round, and a few things taking me by surprise in the book conclusion, I still enjoyed this book very much. Zoiy Galloay is a very entertaining writer and she seems to have found a good genre to continue in, with this pseudo-medieval fantasy setting in which her Royal Matchmaking Competition line of books take place.

The only real note that I have in any way is I've observed the author sometimes gets a little confused between third person point of view and first person point of view. This is a very easy problem to fix, and I only noticed it in a couple of places, mostly with the chapters taking place from the point of view of Emperor Qinrel. Other than that small thing, the book was entertaining and filled with romance, drama and heart. I'll look forward to reading the next installment. Thanks again to Ms. Galloay and Reedsy Discovery for the ARC for my voluntary review.

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Zoiy G. Galloay writes light fantasy romance, often with a dash of humor. She is a die-hard Star Trek Voyager fan and has a BA in IAFS and Asian Studies. You can occasionally find her sporting dorky costumes or sipping on tea in her homemade Victorian drawers. view profile

Published on November 14, 2023

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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