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The Revenue Zone


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A simple and practical reboot for B2B companies to grow their customer base and loyalty.

Are you a B2B business that believes, or has gotten stuck, in the dangerous mindset that the way it has always been done is how it should be done? Tom Burton shares this philosophy that “what got us here, will not get us there” in The Revenue Zone. Burton shares his comprehensive yet uncomplicated and forward-thinking approach to gaining more clients, earning more revenue, and building a loyal fanbase.


In The Revenue Zone, you will recognize familiar topics adapted to today’s consumer buying behavior, specifically B2B companies. First, Burton explains the Revenue Zone, where earning trust and building demand creates revenue and then teaches you how to build the roadmap to get there. Burton terms this the “Yellow Brick Road.” Then, the book transitions to maintaining customers, capitalizing on the customer’s positive experiences, and analyzing what works and what doesn’t.


The Revenue Zone is a simple, straightforward presentation of concepts that can be practically applied to a B2B business. I enjoyed how I could easily follow the step-by-step instructions and online tools accompanying the book. I went through the model with my own business, and wow, did I learn I had some work to do. It was a healthy exercise that got my creative juices going to improve my business and gain more clients. After reading the book and working through the exercises, I felt motivated to improve my business and had a practical guide on how to move the needle.


I appreciated the helpful explanations, online tools, and recommendations. The links and downloadable guides are a nice touch and useful. The book has many take-homes, but not selling but guiding customers to your product or service was the best tip. I would highly recommend this book to any B2B business manager or anyone interested in how marketing to B2B customers has changed and how to structure and approach the new sales call.

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Tom Burton has over 35 years' experience in implementing innovative B2B sales and marketing strategies. During that time, he has helped many companies generate more consistent sales and drive predictable revenue growth. view profile

Published on May 09, 2022

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