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The Reclaimed Kingdom


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Dana Claire's Young Adult fantasy is well-paced in a world clearly defined with the right mix of action, complication, magic and romance.

The Reclaimed Kingdom starts as it means to go on, opening with a confrontation in the woods, which introduces us to two of the main characters straight away.

There is much to like in this book. The story is told by Dru, who is an engaging female narrator: young, attractive, magical, bearing a secret. I especially like the banter that Claire writes between Dru and Hawkin, another member of the Band of Brothers and the love triangle which is created between Dru, Hawkin and Dodge provides a lot of interest in the book. There is nothing like the "will-they won’t-they" scenario between young people to keep a reader reading and guessing.

Claire is a competent writer with an ability to create clearly written scenes and the world that she has created is well defined and described. Peripheral characters in the book are also deftly drawn, again adding to the realistic feel of her fictional world.

As a reader, you get a real sense of place especially in Death Valley with the camaraderie and the community that inhabits its confines. In addition, Claire is great at controlling the action in her Young Adult fantasy as her key characters fight to free the kingdom from the evil clutches of the current ruling queen and the plot flows seamlessly between complications.

I think that the idea of Dru’s unique talent is original and I liked the way that Claire introduces difficulties for Dru in her choosing of the right partner for her. The book, being part of a wider series, ended with the idea of another enemy emerging, who will need to be defeated as well as other unresolved issues from this book which will be continued. This gives a concrete sense that there is much more to come.

I have read a lot of fantasy and I think that if this book was one of the first ones that I had read in this genre as a younger person, I would be eager to read more and as a book aimed at a Young Adult audience, it fulfils perfectly all the expectations of the reader.

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