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The Reality Games


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In a dystopian future where technology and A.I. has evolved and advanced beyond our imagination, how will Max make the right choices?

The Reality Games starts off in medias res and gives a look into the life of several characters. We are first introduced to Max, a widower whose late wife Miriam's consciousness has been inserted into a synthethic. His daughter Olivia has fled from home due to her despising the synth, and she wants to venture into Tech-Resistant Territories, a very dangerous area. Max is called to a meeting to be invited into a project regarding quantum realities, due to quantum hacking attacks done by a supposed TRA group. This meeting soon leads Max into a series of unfortunate events, as he gets tangled up in a web of manipulation, dangerous artificial intelligence, conspiracy and somewhat of an existential dread. Topics like world domination, resistance, mass control of the population, very high-tech advancements, and more, allows for quite a few turns throughout the story.

The novel is set in a reality that is different, but still quite like our own. It puts the reader in a position where they can relate to what happens, and still feel a curiosity towards what the world has turned into in this universe that Tom Reissmann has created. The intrigue, the drama and the fighting ties it all together in a novel that is well worth reading. The abrupt introduction sets the pace, and you will notice time just flying by as this version of our reality is unraveled piece by piece. This is a well-written piece of Science-Fiction, and the novel tickled a lot of fancies within me, embodying many tropes and concepts that I absolutely adore. This novel will hopefully leave you with a feeling of joy from reading it, maybe appallment in regards to how the world has developed and how realistic it feels. It is definitely worth picking up, especially if you are a bit of a Sci-Fi nut, or generally very interested in alternate, but similar, realities to our own.

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Part One: Imagined Order

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Tom Reissmann went to University in Great Britain and Australia. He lived in seven different countries on three different continents, working as a travel videographer and documentary filmmaker. Tom is a writer for International Living and the creator of an award-winning documentary. view profile

Published on September 20, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Science Fiction

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