The Princess of Elsseria


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The Princess of Elsseria is a fascinating rendition of the timeless nurture vs nature debate, set in a fantasy world of monsters and men.

If you had magic that you didn't know how to use, would you freak out or try to find someone to help you control it? If you looked different from everyone else, would that matter to you? Not just the color of your skin, but the color of your eyes and let's say you had horns? But, no one else does. You are the only one and on top of that, you have a power inside that is begging you to be let free. Sounds like a disaster, right? Leslie G has created a world where a place called Elsseria has a princess that is different from anyone else in that she has black eyes, horns, and an undeniable thirst for blood. The people of Elsseria care about their princess and one day she will be queen, but there are secrets lurking just under the surface that could destroy her and her entire kingdom.

A girl was found in a cave, awoken from her slumber, and then raised in Queen Tara's castle. The Queen, treating this girl as her own, allowed the people of Elsseria to love and cherish this princess. Now that she is of age, some things have become unavoidable like the thirst for blood. Princess Liah's nightmares are hellish, filled with blood, gore, and death. Believed to have no magic, this is when she also learns of the sparks that have started to form from her hands during stressful moments, like bouts of anger or embarrassment. Queen Tara has requested the aid of a human captain from a neighboring alliance, sensing that something is afoot. Upon arrival, captain Derek is under the full understanding that he is to serve the Queen and Elsseria where needed, but one look at the beautiful Princess Liah and his defenses crumble. She is different, but magnificent and the attraction is unfathomable. Only too soon do they realize that he has come just in time. With Princess Liah's detachment from Elsseria to find out more information about where she came from, and a war brewing in the forest from an ancient evil population of monsters, the Queen and captain Derek know that this will be a very trying time for their people. First they must find the princess and then they must win a war; but, with little to no information about either, how will that happen?

Leslie G's story is entertaining and very fast-paced. The characters are well-developed and some are mysterious; most of the characters have fascinating abilities built into their arsenals. This author has a captivating world filled with monsters and men; some are relatable and some are purely fictional, but the story has an enigmatic pull to these characters. The Blue Forest and its monsters become an attraction within this story, so readers will not want to miss that aspect either. The last few chapters are a bit too fast-paced, and may leave readers with the desire for more detail while the battle scene is in full-swing, but this should not hinder enjoyment of the story. If you are a reader of fantasy, you may be interested in finding out how Princess Liah and Captain Derek fair in the oncoming threat to the kingdom of Elsseria. This is the first installment, so readers will be able to start from the beginning.

An electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a four-star rating to The Princess of Elsseria by Leslie G.

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Leslie G. was born in 1982. Fascinated by fantastic and science fiction literature since childhood, in 2019 she published her novel Dreaming with Stars. The Princess of Elsseria is a dream come true, a journey into the fantasy world that exists within each of us. view profile

Published on March 20, 2020

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