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The Power of Therapy: How to Navigate Change, Transform Trauma, and Make Sense of Your Mental Health Care


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Excellent guidebook to the process of therapy. Perfect for beginners or those pondering counselling for themselves or possibly others.

In this book you will learn about the entire counselling process, with practical suggestions and plentiful questions answered concerning therapy. Readers will also learn about varying paths towards psychological health whilst analysing relationships with oneself and with others.

Initially, the book explains the benefits of seeing a therapist, namely their objectivity and ability ‘to tune into your emotional state’. It also stimulates skills development – many clients will come away from productive therapy sessions with a healthier outlook on life and equipped to deal with future challenges more effectively thanks to a toolbox of tried and tested techniques put forward by their therapist. Readers may also find the author’s normalising of changing therapists before your therapy journey has completed comforting, because therapist are of course people themselves with personalities and methods that will not suit all – mentioning a few red flags to be wary of too!

The book also helps the reader distinguish between the grey areas of venting and resolving your issues. Essentially, the first part of the book is very useful in its explanation on how to move forward in your psychotherapy with an informed mindset.

The next part focuses on self-improvement, such as cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself through nature and dream analysis, for example. The third part concerns itself with relationships, specifically parental and familial, romantic, and amicable. Companionship (or lack thereof) is indeed a powerful influence over the perception of oneself and how they experience the world around them, which is why I am glad to see that this author has dedicated a sizeable part of his book to the exploration of this as well as learning how to cope or manage certain relationships and social interactions. There are explanations for all manners of therapy, ranging from marital counselling to coping with grief and loss. I would recommend this to anybody unsure about starting therapy or anyone who wants proper definitions with good examples to give them an idea on whether or not therapy would be productive for them personally. I have certainly learnt a lot about a professional process I knew so little about prior to picking this up!

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Joshua Newman is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. With over twenty years of mental health care experience, he has provided psychological counseling to hundreds of individuals, couples, and families. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife and son. view profile

Published on May 05, 2021

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