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The Personal Cybersecurity Manual: How Anyone Can Protect Themselves from Fraud, Identity Theft, and Other Cybercrimes


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A simplified and highly reliable guide to security/safety in Cyberspace from an expert in the field

The digital world never sleeps. Something is going on somewhere in it all the time. And whenever you use it, though you’re totally unaware, some folks on the Internet are stealthily watching/tracking you. Scary? Yes, but it’s true! Some do it for legitimate reasons but most others, the bad actors, don’t! They are a malicious bunch and snoop around to get you caught in subtle, hi-tech traps they’ve set so they can eventually steal your money and/or valuables, blackmail you, pose to organizations you do business with as you (identity theft), and a lot of other worrisome dark activities. Overwhelmed? But don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The good guys are also around to help—brilliant, knowledgeable, and armed to the teeth! Let’s meet one: Marlon Buchanan, a Cybersecurity specialist, and check out his recent book on the subject, The Personal Cybersecurity Manual: How Anyone Can Protect Themselves from Fraud, Identity Theft, and Other Cybercrimes that seeks to arm you with just the right insights and info you’ll need to stay safe on the Internet.

What I liked most about this short, pithy book is the author’s behind-the-scenes hard work to hide the complexities of hi-tech from the reader and present instead, in the simplest of terms, what exactly the reader needs to know or do for personal safety/security on the Internet. Consequently, it’s the ideal book for the layperson—everyone who uses computers often but has little or no knowledge of cybercrime, IT, computer science, and the like. Another thing I liked is the comprehensive nature of the book - it applies to all computers in the world—those running Linux, Windows, and macOS.

The Internet, which has become vital to human life everywhere today, is sadly infested with hi-tech criminals, too. And they are increasing in number and turning subtler and smarter by the day. Knowing they’re out there to trap you but doing nothing to safeguard yourself is like foolishly going to battle without your armor on! Be wise!! Start today and don’t become the next victim of some Cyber criminal by following the simple do’s and don’ts laid out in this book (or similar ones).

This book is oriented toward America and American conditions. Consequently, though relevant to Internet users all over the globe, it is likely to be most useful to American users.

Given the prevailing unsafe conditions on the Internet, where each one of us is vulnerable to falling prey to cybercriminals at any time, I recommend this book as a “must read” to all my readers. Everyone who uses the Internet needs to be wise, heed warnings and follow sound advice in time. “Forewarned is forearmed!” Don’t delay reading it!!

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Marlon Buchanan has worked in the IT field for over twenty-five years as a software developer, a college instructor, and an IT Director. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and master’s degrees in software engineering and business administration. view profile

Published on October 24, 2022

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