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The Paradise Factory


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In The Paradise Factor, the future is run by machines, unemployment is rampant and humans learn to survive in a brand new, broken world.

Jim Keen takes you on a journey into the future. I was drawn into the story by the incredible descriptiveness Keen uses to describe the modern world of the 2050’s. Alice Yu, NYPD officer and former marine who survived the war on Mars and Red, and a young kid trying to survive in New York in the era of machine intelligence, meet by chance and their survival depends on each other.

Alice has PTSD from her time in the Marines and takes every risk she can to keep the unpleasant memories at bay. She goes on a quest of sorts to find her partner who was kidnapped by one of the ruthless elements of the city. Red is a kid who wins the bid to carry a letter across the city from the slums to the towers of the wealthy for money to survive. Alone each of them would probably not survive the craziness in which they land. Together, they both learn that there is something to live for; they gain new perspectives on their situations.

The characters of this story have wonderful depth. Keen’s storytelling makes you feel as though you are there in the moment. The ending gives enough closure to allow you to leave the story, if you desire, but also provides hints of the next stories in the series to bring you back to this future world. (I’ll be looking for that book.) I recommend this as an enjoyable futuristic read.

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I am an award winning author and illustrator that has worked in London, Sydney and New York. I’ve been writing sci-fi for ten years, and am really bored by books that have endless pages of description. I cut that from my stories to concentrate on the characters and plot above all else. view profile

Published on April 11, 2020

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