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The Paradise Chapter


Loved it! 😍

From the first lines, I was already transported into their lives, I was in their chats, struggles, fun, lifestyle. I was traveling again.

You might know a lot of people who would love to drop everything they’re doing right now and leave everything behind to become a digital nomad, including yourself.

It’s the dream of a whole generation. To travel the world, work remotely, live a life of wanderlust.

Some are already trying it, by the way. We see them online; we follow them on social media platforms and their blogs. And some of us dream of having a life like theirs.

But do we know anything about that kind of life? What should we expect from daily life as digital nomads? I mean, it’s easy to find out the technical part, the how-tos, the steps to become a digital nomad.

But what if we could peep or even be in their adventures, romances, fun, and problems, without dropping everything, without leaving our couch at home. At least for now. At least for a few pages. At least until we go back to living in “a world where COVID-19 does not exist” anymore.

Miriam, Adrien, Rose, Martin, Dahlia, and Jerome are digital nomads in Blake Salazar’s The Paradise Chapter, the first book in The Digital Nomad Adventures.

They’re entirely different from each other, and yet they meet and collide on an island to inevitably share their experiences. By doing so, they also share their lives with us, while trying to juggle to follow their dreams and to live.

From the first lines of this book, I was already transported into their lives, I was in their chats, in their struggles, their fun, their lifestyle.

I couldn’t expect less from an author who’s a wanderlust, a traveler, a digital nomad too. But don’t you think that the events and people described in this book are real (yet they sound authentic). I believe that they’re a sum of every part of who Blake Salazar met on this traveling journey, including Salazar.

Read it. It’s a good literary fiction book. I liked its pace and its tangible and believable characters and situations.

You’ll like reading it even more if you enjoy traveling, if you want to be or are a digital nomad yourself, or if you just like peeping the life of people of different personalities crossing and colliding towards the same goal.

The Paradise Chapter is Blake Salazar’s first work of fiction, and I can’t wait to read the whole series and embark on another part of The Digital Nomad Adventures.

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About the author

Blake Salazar managed, a few years ago, to throw off the shackles of the rat-race and travel the world as one of a growing breed of “digital nomads”. Blake travels the world while working remotely. The Digital Nomad Adventures series is their first work of fiction. view profile

Published on February 26, 2021

90000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Literary Fiction

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