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The Pain Habit


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A really helpful read that might just be what you are looking for. Written by an expert in this field, this should be given a try.

It is said that the mind is the strongest organ that can think on its own and can make one’s body function or behave accordingly. It is the mind that holds the reins of our thoughts, actions and feelings. Hence, it is imperative to keep the mind in check, for if it runs wild, it can wreak havoc. Stressing the importance of taming the mind and finding a solution to any form of pain, The Pain Habit traces the steps that can be employed to understand the psychology behind pain and also devise strategies that can aid in reducing the pain. 

Through this book, the author, who is also an experienced physiotherapist, deciphers the mentality that people develop if they have prolonged suffering that results in pain frequently. Rather than making pain a lifestyle, he recommends that one understands the triggers, the emotions, the feelings and the response. Unlearning is the only way one can embark on a road to recovery because it is true that it’s all in the mind. When one understands how to keep the triggers at bay, how to check the emotions and how to take the necessary steps to avoid feeling pain, one can recover even from any illness. 

The book comprises tips that can help to change one’s outlook towards life. By concentrating on the positive energy, one can increase endurance and also develop the will to fight the ailment. Well laid-out and coherent, it is interesting to listen/read from the horse’s mouth about the aftermath of a prolonged illness and when the same person gives hope, it is really uplifting. Overall, this is a good book if you or any of your loved ones suffer from pain and would like to invest in a book that opens a doorway to a pain-free life.

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The Pain Habit

About the author

Drew Coverdale is a physiotherapist in the UK and author of The Pain Habit with over 20 years of experience in treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions. He is passionate about teaching how and why persistent pain develops and how to reverse the habits that have created that pain. view profile

Published on January 01, 2021

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