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The Outsider's Mind


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Go on a twisted journey into the mind while trying to figure out whose mind it is you are in and what they are thinking about!

The Outsiders Mind by Sean Aeon sends your mind on a journey to places you have only briefly ever thought about or never even knew existed. This collection of quotes and short stories leaves you wondering why you never looked closer at life. 


The less conventional set up of this book is constructed with a series of quotes and short stories that probe into the minds of people and creatures alike. Stories have been fabricated with a spark of science fiction meets psychoanalysis mixed with modern day vampire stories. Aeon presents abstract ideas through a plethora of characters, often leaving you wondering who or what the passage is really referring to, or who is being influenced in these peculiar situations. You are given the starting point and led in obscure directions that revolve around simple intentions. For example, have you ever thought of time travel or traveling to another dimension? Aeon tries to address this idea but makes you think even deeper; how would I get there, and could I get back? He presents, through his stories, ideas that make you wonder who really has a true grasp on the facts. In another story you learn what might be going through a bee’s mind if it could think as logically as humans can.  

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for its unique interpretation of the study of the mind. Some of the stories start out straight forward while others require you to go back to the beginning of that short story to find out if what you have just read is really about what you are now reading. Characters are vague in certain passages, leaving you wondering if you even know who or what you were reading about! Overall, the thought-provoking aspect of this story is original and keeps you reading until the end of the book. Aeon keeps you captivated with stories that will boggle your mind.  

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Sean Aeon lives to create. He writes to breathe life into fleeting thoughts hoping that they will give birth to ideas, ignite intrigue, and most importantly, spark dialogue. He resides in Los Angeles, CA, and is the author of the groundbreaking collection of short stories titled The Outsider’s Mind. view profile

Published on June 06, 2020

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