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The Onyx Crown


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The Onyx Crown is the beginning of a quest, the journey to fulfill a prophecy, full of adventure, tension, and action.

The Tribe of Toloron has fallen. Lord Regent Okon rules in Numeria until the Heir of the Tribe of Azu comes of age to take the throne. But rumor has it that there is an heir to Toloron who yet lives. A prophecy tells of three Khuselas who are destined to restore the Tribe of Toloron to the throne. Chaos, Conflict, and Calm. This is their story.

Jorann - the nameless slave boy found by great warrior K'Nan - is Calm. He has no idea of his true identity until K'Nan frees him and opens his eyes. Gesi - companion to the royal twins of East Rhydor, good enough to do their bidding but not good enough to be treated as truly noble - is Conflict. He surprises himself and everyone else when he bests the First Knight, Jorell Boro, in single combat. Sania - raised in a pleasure house - is Chaos. She has always created chaos with tricks and tantrums, and when three supposed envoys come to the pleasure house with trouble on their minds, she stirs it up and discovers strengths she didn't know she had. The three leave the lives they've known and journey away from what they were, toward what they are meant to be - the protectors of the true Heir.

I found it very refreshing to read a fantasy set in an African world. I read a lot of fantasy, but I haven't read anything in this setting before, and Mr. Hurst did an excellent job of drawing me into the world he created. The first chapter, chapter and a half was a little slow, and then I was hooked. The heroes are suitably heroic, or on their way to becoming so, but not without flaws that make them relatable (and sometimes dislikable). The villains - ooh, reading about Lord Regent Okon just gave me the shivers. I can see him in my mind, and he isn't physically imposing, but he is terrifying. That's one thing I loved about this book. The writing style was such that I could create pictures in my mind of the setting, the people, and the action. And the twists and betrayals that I didn't see coming really drove the action and kept me interested to the end.

With action, tension, and plenty of adventure, The Onyx Crown is a rip-roaring good read. I'm looking forward to the second book in the trilogy to see what happens next.

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Alan Hurst considers legendary wuxia authors Gu Long and Jin Yong as his greatest influences. Mr. Hurst began writing the Onyx Crown in 2014, after noticing a lack of Pan-African themes in medieval fiction. He currently resides in Maryland, USA. view profile

Published on January 27, 2019

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