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The Night the Monsters Came


Worth reading 😎

A fun and cute way to convince little ones to stay clean. Nobody wants to be eaten by monsters!

I thought this book was so cute. I really love the message behind it and I think it is a cute and fun way to convince your kiddo's to stay clean. Nobody want's to get eaten by a monster! I think it may have been more fun to maybe drag it out by the monster trying to eat their hands, but then the kids go wash them. Then trying to eat their toes, but then they go take a bath, etc.,

My favorite thing about this book was the art. I really love the colors used and found it to be inviting and intriguing. It kept your attention on the book, and it really helped portray the story.

While my favorite picture books are the ones that rhyme I found this one to be a little too wordy. Some of the sentences didn't have the same cadence and rhythm so I found it difficult at times to know when to stop and start for them to rhyme since the sentences were so long. I also found the page with the spell to get rid of the monsters to be a bit hard to read. I would either change the font or put spaces between the words.

Overall, I think it was a cute story and one I would probably recommend to parents.

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Do you want to inspire healthy habits in your little one today?
Do you want to empower your child to be brave in a joyful way?

Siblings Jack and Joy and a bunch of not-too-spooky monsters feature in this delightful rhyming read-aloud about hygiene and overcoming fears.

Come and join Jack the Little Wizard and his fairy sister, Joy, and find out how they are able to outwit the hungry monsters. With courage, proper hygiene, and a little sprinkle of magic… wouldn’t you say anything is possible?

This adorable children’s picture book delivers equal amounts of shivers and giggles and is sure to make your little one’s bedtime reading session a night to remember.

And with Lisa Ciccone’s wildly imaginative, playful, and engaging illustrations, this is sure to become a new snuggle time favorite.

Read this book together with your little one and delight in the magic of laughter and giggles – a wonderful shared experience for you and your little one to treasure for many years to come.

Get your copy of this book now and inspire your kids to be brave, to wash their hands, brush their teeth, and practice healthy habits starting today.

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Published on May 23, 2020

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