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The Networking Playbook


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The Networking Playbook is a no fluff, get right to the point, collection of networking secrets.


Networking is an essential part of any modern business that is serious about growth. However, most persons are not sure how to network neither do they want to wade through a plethora of information to find what they are looking for. In Networking Playbook, James DiNanno cuts to the chase to provide 50 networking secrets in a book with just 50 pages. The author has eliminated all the song and dance, so even the person who hates to read will find this book appealing. This modern approach to reading just requires one minute of reading time per day to become a master at networking (assuming you will follow the teachings for the suggested 50 days).


I love the format of this book. There is not the usual fluff that can sometimes hide the important information. Most persons who need networking advice do not have a lot of time, so providing the relevant information in just 50 pages is a brilliant idea. I absolutely agree with Play 3 because networking is indeed a lifestyle for those persons who genuinely want to reap the benefits of networking. This play, along with 49 other useful suggestions are what makes Networking Playbook such an interesting read.


There are 50 daily exercises that individuals can use to radically change their lives. The author has promised that you can become a master at networking by following these simple exercises. James DiNanno offers advice from successful businesspersons like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Jay-Z and Mark Zuckerberg. Networking Playbook is just the antidote for the busy entrepreneur, the small business owner, the new or seasoned blogger, the social media manager, or anyone else who is clueless about networking.


If you have been hearing about networking but wondered where to start, Networking Playbook is a great starting point. The format is quite simple so you will not be overwhelmed. Keep a copy on your desk as a quick reference as you learn the secrets of networking.

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