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The Mystery of the Lost Husbands


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When many men end up dead, a woman seems to be the one and only suspect, but can other women rove otherwise?

Anastasia Rodriguez is about to get married – again, but not many people are happy for her. In fact, many people seem to despise her because when a beautiful, rich woman collected her money from the previous deaths of her four husbands, people are bound to believe her to be a killer.

Enter three women who usually help people find their lost dogs, but, this time, they are trying to find the mystery of the lost husbands.

The women are hired by the new potential groom’s sister to find out of his fiancé is a serial killer with him being the next target on her list or if she is merely unlucky and death just happens to follow her around.

The story suffers from a lot of repetition of things the readers already know, a lot of details that do not help advance the plot, and a dialogue that falls flat.

The plot also does not take advantage of the full potential of the book’s concept as nothing feels really dangerous, almost everyone is willing to talk about private details with strangers, and the stakes are made to feel really high but the resolutions are too quick and almost easy.

Despite all of that, the concept of the story is unique and interesting. The diversity amongst the characters makes their chemistry more fun to read about and explore. The story also shows the details of following leads and hunches and accepting that most of them might not lead anywhere or to anything – which is very realistic and allows the reader to join in on the women’s train of thought.

The story is fun, and I recommend it to anyone who likes books about taking the time to search for the truth and accepting that it might be different from what is expected.

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Gina is an author. Her first crime novel, The Mystery of the Lost Husbands, is set between Sussex and Spanish speaking countries in Europe and the Americas. It is the first in the series of the SeeMs Detective Agency who believe that things are seldom what they seem. view profile

Published on December 01, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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