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Loved it! 😍

The characters in this heavy yet consistently intriguing read come to life. Plot and prose are equally fascinating!

Without spoiling anything, the book is a heavy read yet intriguing throughout and I absolutely love the concept of a man whose life appears to be influenced and revolving around women... but not always in the way that you think (such as by his mother and aunts).

Above all, I was compelled by the deep and often thought-provoking narrative. Kudos to the author for their immense talent in storytelling. This book is packed with strong character plots combined with sensual, erotic aspects that add to the reader experience and draws them in even further. The genuine wow factor about this book for me certainly derives from the character development and vivid descriptions. For me, the imagery was so vivid and authentic that the characters appeared to jump out of the pages and really come to life which is exactly the sort of experience you want to get out of a book you want to be invested in. I could not possibly praise highly enough how the narrative style flows perfectly, supplemented with fantastic descriptions and colourful imaginings. Vincent Panettiere, the author, flexes an impressive capability to suddenly (though never out of place or arbitrarily) throw in sentences so deep that Adele is rolling in it. In terms of our protagonist, Charlie, I eventually found him to be very likeable despite initially fearing he would turn out to be the stereotypical depressed novelist that saturates plentiful literature. He has some quirks that I just adore, such as the songs he relates his feelings or experiences with the women in his life to which was especially enjoyable to read and how amusing his odd spout of profanity occurred to me in his monologues. 

I would definitely recommend this to anybody who wants to get stuck in to an intelligent, deep and vivid read.

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In addition to Shared Sorrows, Vincent Panettiere has written the award-winning and critically-acclaimed These Thy Gifts; A Woman to Blame, The Scopas Factor and The Music of Women - an Erotic Stream of Unconsciousness. His nonfiction work is The Internet Financing Illusion, a cautionary tale. view profile

Published on September 21, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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