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The Moonstruck Garden


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A delightful and informative book, with lovely sketches, for lovers of gardening, and mystical lunar rhythms.

It's no secret that nature provides the best life lessons. Close to the earth and in the bounty of creation, from the life-nectar that falls from cloudy skies to flowers and fruits that nourish us, humans are children of the soil. Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe embrace this natal concept and bring it to us in a gorgeous book. They fill the pages with so much tender love and compassion that you find utmost joy in holding and reading it. The narrative is simple, sometimes nostalgic, but mostly informative.

The words are lyrical and inspiring, magical and mesmerizing, juxtaposed with the most engaging sketches. The cover page is colorful and attractive. You want to sit with the book in your lap, highlighting the words of wisdom, making notes on the margins, delving into the sketches, and tracing your fingertips on the delicate lines bursting with creativity. This book is chicken soup for the soul and enriches your perspective about nature's rhythm and how seeds are meant to flourish, and flowers tend to grow without human intervention. It is a manual on "building your living garden paradise."

The writers lament how avarice and pride in our scientific and technological advancements have made us interfere with nature and intercept the course of celestial cycles. Nature blooms when it is left to its own devices and in return produces a bounty that fills our stomachs and nourishes our souls. This book is a reminder of our ancient wisdom and a delicate homage to the lunar rhythm that controls the ocean tides and charts the menstrual cycle. The moon is linked to the life forces of creation and sustenance. It impacts the healing and rejuvenation of the spirit, mind, and body.

The title of the book - The Moonstruck Garden - attracts you, but what's within the pages awes you. It's a book for keeps with a perspective that was slowly lost to the times. It talks about gardening tools, ponds, fences, herbs, compost, the sun and the shade, and even potted plants and balcony gardens. This book sparks joy and thoughtfulness, and that is all we need to love this inspired work. For me, who looks forward to recharging the crystals in the home, every full moon night, and is fascinated by the mystery of the lunar surface, this is a heart-warming weekend read and future reference guide.

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In 1991 Thomas Poppe published, together with Johanna Paungger, the runaway world bestseller "The Power of Timing” about the ancient knowledge of the influences of natural and lunar rhythms on everyday life. Their books saw translation in 30 languages. view profile

Published on March 05, 2022

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