The Monkey King Goes to Africa


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"The Monkey King Goes to Africa" by Jeffrey Frisone was a highly entertaining and imaginative read.

The Monkey King Goes to Africa by Jeffrey Frisone was a highly entertaining and imaginative read. It had unique characters that tackled problems and adversaries in Africa. 

The story listed places I had never heard of, such as Namaqualand, Mount Nyiragongo, and Blyde River Canyon. The author did give basic information or a fun fact about each location. For example, the Blyde River Canyon is the "biggest green canyon on our planet." Since I am not overly familiar with the geographic locations in Africa, I went and did some research on them. If your child(ren) and student(s) are not familiar with any or all of the locations, maybe consider doing a research project on them. Knowledge is power! 

There were a handful of illustrations throughout the book, which complemented the happenings quite nicely. I was amazed at how well they were drawn, especially the wooden wolves. 

To avoid spoilers, I won't disclose the plot's resolution. However, I will state you'll be hard-pressed to find a cast of characters such as this again, attempting to solve a similar problem. Talking animals, a goddess, demons, kings, and many more inventive characters round out the fictional cast. 

While this isn't a full-blown religious story, there are several mentions of the "Kingdom of Heaven." For those who do not believe in Heaven, this might be a deal-breaker for you. 

Amazon has the recommended reading age between 8 - 12 years. I don't particularly agree with the starting mark. I think several words will trip up eight-year-old and maybe even twelve-year-olds: Belon'i Tsiribihina, Nyiragongo, and Tripitaka. 

However, despite the language barrier, the contents are most enjoyable. I suspect it'll be a fan favorite amongst many children. 

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The Monkey King just wanted to relax with his friends, have a nice time, and play some games. Unfortunately for Monkey, the Demon King of Confusion wants to have his own bit of fun.

Interrupted by the pleas of the forest animals, now the newly formed Animal Alliance, Monkey is requested to investigate the strange happenings surrounding the forests.

But when their investigations lead them to the misguided Yellow Robed Demon, Monkey and his friends realize the situation is more complicated than they imagined.

They become faced with a difficult choice. Do they try and help redeem the Yellow Robed Demon and free him from the Demon King of Confusion's influence, or do they destroy him?

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Jeffrey Frisone is the founder of Monkey King Comics Publishing Company. Jeffrey is the author of The Monkey King Goes to America, The Monkey King Goes to Europe, and The Monkey King Goes to Australia. He is also the author of Loving and Letting Go, a book on coping with divorce. view profile

Published on February 20, 2022

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