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The Middle of the Night Book


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Everything about The Middle of the Night Book evokes a restful slumber. It’s an excellent bedtime story to add to any parent’s arsenal!

The Middle of the Night Book by Stef Tousignant and illustrated by Go Go Luna is a picture book that teaches babies and toddlers how to fall asleep. The book uses age-appropriate mindfulness tactics that involve focusing on and relaxing each part of the body. It teaches babies, toddlers, and young children how to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own. 

As a parent, I appreciated that this book played double duty: it’s a bedtime story plus a crash course on how to get babies to fall asleep on their own. I found it both entertaining and educational. The text draws parents’ and baby’s attention to one body part at a time. Babies will be lulled to sleep by the sound of their parents’ voices, while toddlers will be able to understand and process each page’s calming instructions. 

The illustrations, however, are what elevates this book to the next level. Everything about the artwork evokes sleep. From the dark, hushed color palette to the moon and star motif. 

Caregivers will also appreciate how the artist captured a wide range of families. There are children of different skin tones featured prominently throughout the book. Plus, both moms and dads are shown putting baby to sleep. 

Unfortunately, there were a few choices by the author and publisher where I expected more from the story. To give the book more authenticity, I would have loved to see a note to parents about the science behind the self-soothing techniques utilized. 

Furthermore, while the text does a great job guiding readers, the words stopped short of having a lyrical flow. They don’t need to rhyme, but given how the book should lull kids to sleep, the text should have more of a melodic quality to it.

I rate The Middle of the Night Book three out of five stars for its educational and soothing story that every child needs at bedtime. While it is geared towards parents of babies and toddlers, I think its self-soothing techniques would benefit younger children as well. I recommend The Middle of the Night Book for kids ages 0-7. 

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Settle down for bedtime with this book that helps children fall to sleep using the structure of a body scan meditation. Teaches early mindfulness to babies and toddlers. Features diverse children and families. Provides a tool for exhausted parents to rely on in the middle of the night.

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Stef Tousignant is a professional nanny of 20 years and author living in the Bay Area with her two very noisy sons. She shares her journey online at as she tries to live authentically and ease amidst the chaos of modern family life, follow along at view profile

Published on December 01, 2020

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