The Mexico Miracle: Our son's escape from kidnappers and how we found peace in our trials


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A story where intercessory prayer protects and miracles ensue; find preparation, guidance, direction, and healing for when life derails you!

The purpose of this book is not to shame anyone for their wrongdoings or choices but to celebrate God's goodness and the miraculous. To learn how very important it is as a parent to have and maintain a steady relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ so you are able to hear, sense, and feel the promptings of the Holy Spirit and are able to act upon the Spirit's stirrings when led.

The kidnapping itself is heart-palpitating especially as it is dissected from various perspectives and in real-time and retrospectively. The different time-frames and perspectives are what give this true tale depth and meat on its bones. Told in a conversational tone, it pulls you in because these are real people who are ordinary; but, it's the miracles that set this story apart making it extraordinary.

Kidnappings don't often end well. A series of events both prior to, during, and afterward, of this teen's kidnapping experience led him to successfully escape, find help, and ultimately be reunited with his family. Amazing grace, a mother's intercessory prayers, strangers who were on the scene like angels providing basic needs; missionaries available to assist, and a father's quest to bring his boy home, all were aligned perfectly by God's own hands for His miracles to be made known. This teenage son was saved! His own personal life story, and God-given mission(s), have only just begun.

The people who will find this book most beneficial and relatable would be those who are a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Within this book's pages missionaries are mentioned and specific types of prayer that if you are not familiar with this particular religious ideology and faith it may have you googling to learn the basics for the purpose of fully understanding as best as any outsider can when looking in.

The second half of this book, or its "Part 2: Tools", goes into detail of what life is like after a traumatic event for all involved. As a mother in her early 40's, with children coming of age, I appreciate the insights given of letting go and loving your children for who they are.

More than anything, the Bible holds far more answers than you may realize! It's all about how you read God's Words, interpret and apply them. Certain Scriptures you might think have nothing to do with you actually may have a far deeper meaning when you prayerfully read while studying your life and that of your family.

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