The Mexico Miracle: Our son's escape from kidnappers and how we found peace in our trials


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Devon, an adventurous 16-year-old, snuck down to Mexico to see the start of the Baja 1000. After a few bad choices he found himself kidnapped and tied up in a shack in Ensenada.

A Mexico adventure no one wants to experience.

Sheridan, his mom, (who thought Devon was on a scout campout in Joshua Tree, California) had an intuition that he was in danger.

She prayed and asked for angels to help with whatever might be happening.

This inspiring true story includes the chain of miracles that ended with Devon returning home less than 36 hours later.

Sheridan also shares how parenting with faith helped her family move through the experience and heal. She shares her mothering struggles raising teenage boys and how she used spiritual self-help tools to find peace.

The uplifting tools she shares are simple and easy for readers to use, when navigating their own family hardships.

Vacation Day Interruption

Lunchtime, Tuesday, November 11th 2014

It was Veterans Day, November 11th 2014, the fourth day of a long weekend. My nine-year-old son, Bryson, was happy to have a friend over.

We were in the van headed to Chuck E. Cheese, where they would get to play and I would get to read. My 16-year-old son, Devon, was on a Scout campout in Joshua Tree, California and my 14-year-old son, Carson, was home getting ready to go out with a friend.

My cell phone rang. My husband, Rob, was calling. I am so glad I answered it.

He sounded breathless as he asked, “Are you home? Can you find my passport?” 

I didn’t understand. “No, I am not home, but I could go back. Why do you need your passport?”

“Devon is in Mexico and I need to go get him.”

 “WHAT?! He is on a campout in Joshua Tree. How did he get to Mexico?” 

“I don’t know. All I know is I got a call from the Mexican Police saying they were with Devon and they needed me to come get him.”

The light turned green, but I felt frozen. “I thought he was in Joshua Tree. Are you sure it was really him?”

Rob replied, “I was thinking it was not real either so I asked to talk with him, but it didn’t sound like Devon. I said, ‘This isn’t Devon,’ and was going to hang up. But he said, ‘Dad it is really me!’ So, I asked him to prove it by telling me where we had gone last weekend. He said, ‘Grandma’s house and she put root beer in the pot roast!’ That’s when I knew it was him.”

My heart sank. I was so confused at how Devon could be in Mexico. 

Rob took a deep breath and asked, “Can you grab my passport and go online and get Mexican car insurance?”

By this point in the conversation I had turned the van around and was driving back home. My mind immediately went back to the strange experience I’d had that morning.

About the author

Sheridan Ripley used to ditch high school to go to the public library and read books. Her love of learning and desire to share what she learns led her to become a teacher, life coach and author. She enjoys sharing tools to help others navigate transitions in life with faith and hope. view profile

Published on November 11, 2020

40000 words

Genre: Inspirational

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