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The Messiah Complex


Loved it! 😍

Thrilling espionage plot that keeps the reader guessing right until the end.

I have a confession - when I first picked this book up and read the blurb, I was slightly concerned it wouldn’t be for me. I love a thriller; but what about a thriller that possibly involves the bad guys programming the brains of those they seek to use as martyrs in order to start a new holy war?

As I began to read the fast-paced and punchy storyline, any fears about lack of enjoyment quickly faded as I found myself completely engrossed in the plot.

The main character, former British undercover agent, Patrick Cameron, is drawn into the centre of the action by his former colleague Andy Fields, who persuades Patrick to come out of retirement to help him identify those responsible for a series of organised attacks by Muslims against non-Muslim businesses across the world.

The attackers themselves seem to have no prior history of violence or objections to their fellow countrymen, which is where the pair begin to discover that there is more to these attacks than meets the eye - hence suspicious of some sort of brain interference by a third party.

As a counter to the atrocities carried out by these Muslims, a battle cry is rallied by a fundamentalist Christian organisation led by John McLean, former head of the US Federal reserve. As the organisation begin to brainwash and rally more troops via a series of high profile British members of society, Patrick and His wife Angela are forced to conduct a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate the cult before it wipes Muslims off the face of the Earth forever. In the midst of the chaos, Patrick and his team discover that the war is to culminate in “Judgement Day” but what that means, or identifying where and when it is to occur leaves the pair fighting to save British civility as we know it. But who can they trust to help them to bring McLean and his army down?

I absolutely loved this book and warmed to the lead characters immediately, so skilfully has the author crafted them and their personalities. The story is original and relevant given recent true life current affairs, and the villains are suitably terrifying. A thrilling page turner that keeps the reader guessing right to the end, highly recommend.

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I am a Scottish writer and book lover. My love of words stretches back to childhood, when I used to devour books at night by torchlight. Today, my love of reading and writing is as passionate as ever. I have eclectic tastes - from stories for children to thrillers and espionage.

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Simon Lawder came to writing fiction after working with leaders from the private, public and voluntary sectors. He uses his extensive observation and learning to inform his work. He writes from his home in Somerset, where poking his nose into local issues has earned him a mixed reputation. view profile

Published on July 19, 2020

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Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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