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The Memories of Eskar Wilde


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A remarkable masterpiece about Wilde's greatest life tragedy and how he navigates the love, loss, guilt, and penance that come with it.

The Memories of Eskar Wilde by E. H. Wilde is an unconventionally told memoir. Wilde takes a trip down memory lane in whatever order the memories come to explain how and why he comes to tell this story at what he considers its end, on his eighteenth birthday. As much as this description might sound like a jumbled-up mess, it actually adds to the eccentricity of the story and it is easy to follow. The death of his father, the birth of a black cat, and the mysteries that surround their lives quickly unfold in a remarkably crafted recount.

He tells a story of wonder, soul-crushing heartbreak, discovery, and healing that evoke a rollercoaster of reactions including skepticism, shock, intrigue, delight, curiosity, and everything else in between. Eskar Wilde's storytelling is brilliant and awe-inspiring. The diction, digressions, and simplicity of his writing bring the events to life without removing their reality, even in circumstances that raise an eyebrow in questioning the truthfulness of certain accounts. It is so wonderful that it makes it a struggle to put the book down, even for a short while. It also makes you force yourself to slow down when you notice you're about to finish the book because you're not ready to end your indulgence in this piece of art. So be warned: read at your own risk.

The book's themes of love, loss, grief, guilt, and penance are so raw that they cannot be ignored. Instead, they inspire reflection on the effects of matters like trauma and the path to healing. An ideal audience would be one that can relate to its stated themes but it is also suitable for people who would like to learn about such a journey. Those who enjoy memoirs could also have their palates delighted by giving the book a read.

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Published on May 03, 2022

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