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The Me Monster


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A beautiful picture book that deals with the story of a little boy who overcomes his vanity/selfishness and turns over a new leaf.

The Me Monster is a cute but impactful tale about a little boy named Jack, whose heart gets poisoned with narcissism. All he ever cares for is his own happiness and he never bothers about the feelings of the people around him.

His bad attitude and character were enough reasons for his friends to give up on him. No one seemed to know how to help Jack mend his behavior and he was soon labelled as a 'lost cause'.

But his parents wouldn't let go of it easily, and together they chalk up a plan to show Jack who he is on the inside.

The rhyme scheme employed in the story was simple yet super fun to read.

The Illustrations were amazing and frankly, I never expected it to be of such quality. Not only were they colorful and vivid but also aided the storytelling a great deal. I took my time to read it cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed those illustrations.

In my opinion, the beauty of a picture book is determined by 3 factors:

a) The message it encompasses

b) The way the message is conveyed

c) The illustrations

Ā In this case, Timothy L Carver andĀ Javier Gimenez RattiĀ have nailed all three!

Even though I'm a full grown adult, I often find myself being selfish at times. This book offered a fresh new perspective on it and also equipped me with an effective strategy to overcome it (putting 'You' instead of 'Me').

I'd go on to recommend this book to parents and teachers and will compel them to either recite the story or present it to the kids so that a valuable lesson like this gets imprinted in their minds at a young age.

Overall, this picture book would serve as an absolute delight for both young and old readers alike.

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Jack E. Wurst is the worst! He has a ā€œMe Monsterā€ living deep inside him!

Jack is mean and selfish, never thinking of anyone but himself. He screams and yells at everyone. Worse than that, he is a bully. Whether at home or at school, Jack enjoys being unkind to others.

Everyone has given up on Jack. Except his parents! Things change quickly when Jackā€™s mother and father find a special way for Jack to see the terrible monster inside him.

This is a fun, but uplifting story that teaches how to overcome selfishness and discover the joy of putting others first.

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TIMOTHY L CARVER was employed 37 years as a teacher, media and curriculum writer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since retiring he has also entered the worlds of writing and real estate. www.TimothyLCarver.com Contact: tlcarver@comcast.net view profile

Published on December 12, 2019

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