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The Marvelous Misfits of Westminster


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Irving is most certainly not your average hero dog. But he already has a plan in place before you know you need help!

Irving is a dog who hunts shadows. And the prophecy about where and when to find them lies in the pattern on the body of one who has escaped from flames. Sounds a bit odd, right? It gets odder.

Clement has been asked to judge a dog show at Westminster once again. He never thought he’d get another chance after a previous infamous decision. This time, apparently, he is meant to judge the Best in Show and how Irving even made it into the competition he’ll never know. After meeting Irving’s human parents, Clement has the very foundation of his understanding rocked, when he learns what has to be done to save someone he loved. This could change his life and hers forever, so can he suspend disbelief enough to trust in a process that has been working in secret for hundreds of years?

Who doesn’t need a quick story about a hero dog? The premise sounded intriguing but I will admit that I was a little confused after reading the first page. Nonetheless I pushed on with high hopes, and I was hugely rewarded. In fact, when I finished it, I felt a little in awe, as so much could be read into the deeper meaning of the shadows that needed to be killed. The characters were described beautifully and I could picture exactly how the Hunts as well as Irving looked. The idea behind the help that is offered and how it gets shared throughout the years is really clever. I will probably never look at a dog in the same way again!

For me, and it might not worry others but it interrupts my flow of reading horribly, the inconsistency between straight and curly apostrophes was annoying. A very minor detail in an otherwise beautifully crafted book.

Suitable for all ages, The Misfits of Westminster ticks boxes for comedy, drama, and mystery, and definitely covers all the feels!

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Andrea Hahnfeld is an indie author based in Leipzig, Germany. Having been that desperate wedding guest looking for the perfect gift many times, her illustrated book for newlyweds “The Gift of Love” makes a splendid present for couples tying the knot. view profile

Published on April 01, 2021

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