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The Married Widow--My Journey With Bob Zappa


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A beautiful and touching story of love that will have you believing in love at first sight and of a love that endures forever.

Diane and Bob met for the first time in 1986 and form a special connection almost immediately. Both married, they go through years of no contact, separated by work and life obligations. But no matter how much time passes, they always find their way back to each other.

Their stars finally align in 2013 and they can be together, still as in love as they were 30 years before. Though they aren't as young as they used to be, and Diane needs hip surgery, while Bob is dealing with injuries following an accident, and their wedding has to be delayed. But when the wedding finally happens in 2015, it is stunningly beautiful, like out of a movie. Friends and family gather in a luxury New York City hotel to celebrate the happy couple and their union.

Diane Zappa's The Married Widow is a heartfelt and loving memorial to her husband, Bob Zappa, who passed in late 2018. It explores their individual lives before meeting, painting a detailed picture of who Diane and Bob were as people and why they were soulmates. Diane writes with such a personable style that readers will feel the love against all odds and the loss that came too soon.

In The Married Widow, Diane writes of Bob's own writing endeavors about growing up with his brother Frank Zappa. In fact, Diane writes more about Bob and all the reasons she loves him than about herself. Through Diane's words, Bob comes alive in the pages, showing his selflessness and devotion to those he loved. Diane states that writing The Married Widow was cathartic for her, and the result is a deeply heartfelt story that continues on in a way to this day. In the closing pages, Diane recounts hearing strange unexplained noises, including hearing someone rocking in their rocking chair in the room upstairs. Bob may very well be watching over his dear Diane until it is time for them to be together again.

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Diane Papalia Zappa earned her PhD in lifespan developmental psychology. She taught human development courses to thousands at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, attaining full tenured professorship of child/family studies. While in Madison, she co-authored A Child's World and Human Development. view profile

Published on July 10, 2021

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