The Mage's Daughter (Book 1 of the Stone Mage Series)


Worth reading 😎

The past is always there even when magic is involved and time pushes forward.

Even fantasy worlds have their complications. In this one, there is abuse, secrets, and lies. On young girl goes from town to town with an abusive uncle who uses her magical skills to line his pockets. Then the Crown steps in and changes her life, but she can't avoid her past.

This was an interesting read. Several new twists on familiar supernatural topics in fantasy stories. The magic was unique and stayed strong and constant in the story. I didn't notice any issues in the magical aspects contradicting itself at any point.

The characters were solid and unique. I did enjoy how they developed and how the writer hinted at their pasts when all didn't need to be revealed at that point. That can be a tricky part in writing that I feel the author did very well.

The plot was laid out well with secrets kept in the dark where they had to be at times. There was just enough hints here and there for the reader to piece strands of the plot, but there was always a bit of guessing in some areas.

The only issue I had with the story was a lack of proofreading which might have been just in the copy I had. Quotation marks would not be in the right place which would throw my reading rhythm off at times. A word missing here or there. It didn't detract too much from the story, but it did detract from my reading flow.

At times, the flow of the story would hiccup as time would pass slowly at times and then extremely fast at others. I only mention this because several times I had to go back to read spots again to make sure I was where I was supposed to be in the timeline.

If you like fantasies with secrets flowing all through its magical veins, this is a book to try. It has well-developed characters and a plot that is always morphing while not changing purpose. Give this book a try.

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The Mage

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Published on January 01, 2021

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