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The Lost Heir's Redemption, Book Two of The Inheritance Ring Series


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Button is finally accepting her life in the desert, among the clans, as her destiny. But the shadows of her lineage aren't ready to let go.

Following Button's epic dark fantasy adventure in volume 1 (The Lost Heir) was a gripping experience. The coming-of-age tale in that first volume walked us through the life of a young woman coming into her own, and realizing she had an unclear path in two very different worlds.

In The Lost Heir's Redemption, Button is no longer a sheltered desert outcast or lost royal trying to find her own place in the world. Instead, she knows what paths lie before her, and she is ready to face the challenges of both aspects of her life head-on.

Just as her desert clan welcomes her back into the fold, a trio from her past comes with dire news of her brother's insanity and the deaths of many people as a result. When her uncle begs her to return and aid those suffering under her brother's wrath, she knows she must set things right.

But her role in this life is far beyond just sitting on a throne. She holds a key role in the prophecy of the clans she serves--a role she is eager to accept. With her heart split between loves, two worlds, and the darkness threatening to snuff the light out of her, Button must band together with her friends to save the kingdom and live out her destiny.

The Lost Heir's Redemption is every bit as detailed and captivating as the first volume in the series. Plot twists, betrayals, and trials await Button at every turn, but the story kept me hanging the entire time. Seeing a female main character solidify her growth from book one and establish herself and her place in both of her worlds was a beautiful homage to the healing and life that can blossom out of the grimmest times or terrifying trials.

Like The Lost Heir, volume 2 carries a significantly dark undertone that is more graphic in some places than others. Unlike volume 1, though, the story is very character-driven, watching the other characters around Button show their true colors and hearts even as she establishes hers.

I am deeply moved and captivated every time I read Gourley's works, and I was very torn on the star rating. Ultimately, I am giving volume 2 a 4-star "loved it" rating for one reason:

Having stepped away from this world a while, I expected to need a little refresher on names/roles from the first book. While a lexicon is included in the back of volume 2, I wished there had been a bit more refreshers about at least the roles that went with which name, and the titles, as the book unfolds (without having to flip to the back).

This aspect is entirely a personal preference, of course, but it may be difficult for readers who have never read volume 1 to pick up volume 2 without feeling lost in a world they know nothing about.

In the end, with that aside, The Lost Heir's Redemption is still a superb read. A revisit of volume 1, though, will help it be all that much more real. I cannot wait to see what happens to the surviving characters in volume 3!

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