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The Little Lost Shopping Bag


This book will launch on Mar 5, 2021. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

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The youngest readers will delight in learning about the importance of recycling with this engaging story.

The Little Lost Shopping Bag is a debut picture book by author and illustrator, Emily Chapman. Ms. Chapman plans to write and illustrate more books in the future.

In The Little Lost Shopping Bag, Cherry and her mum have just returned from a shopping trip. Once they have finished putting away the groceries, Cherry asks her mum where she should put the plastic bag. Her mum tells her to put it in the rubbish bin, and that begins the adventures of the shopping bag.

The Little Lost Shopping Bag is a story written to help young children understand the importance of recycling plastic bags, and the effects they can have on the environment if not disposed of properly. When I was reading the story, I thought it had British accents (“mum” and “rubbish bin”) and was delighted to see that it was written in the UK. So, not only can the book be used to discuss recycling, but it can also be an opportunity to learn a little bit about another culture, assuming the reader is not from the UK.

The Little Lost Shopping Bag is an interesting book. The illustrations are delightful, and I especially enjoyed the little extras, like words in random places. This book is a little treasure trove that can be read/used in many ways. The story can promote great discussions as you encourage the child to use picture clues to see where the shopping bag might be next or have them find items in the pictures.

Young children will enjoy this book and its interesting illustrations. They will relate to Cherry wanting to help their parent put away groceries to get a treat. This would also make a great addition to the public library and school libraries to encourage the topic of recycling.

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It’s a blustery, gusty, breezy day and a small plastic shopping bag has blown away, but where did it go? …

The Little Lost Shopping Bag is an intriguing and educational tale for young children about careless plastic disposal and its effect on the environment.

The story follows the journey of a plastic shopping bag, from a household rubbish bin onwards to the sea. Various animals encounter the bag along the way, and there is a gentle twist in the tale to keep readers in suspense.

The Little Lost Shopping Bag is a picture book, which is intended for children of approximately 4-7 years of age. The story could be read at home or in a primary school classroom. There is also an activity page at the end of the book, to encourage readers to observe plastic items in their real-life environment.

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I am a new author/illustrator and I have recently self-published my first children's picture book. I am looking forward to creating more picture books and children's short story books in future. view profile

Published on October 23, 2020

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