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The Light You Carry


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Sweet and inclusive, ‘The Light You Carry’ celebrates individuality and sends an important message to all children

‘The Light You Carry’ is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that celebrates individuality and sends an important message to all children that they are important, that they are special, that they will always be loved, and that the world deserves to know who they truly are.

I love that the book includes illustrations of children of colour, children with disabilities and children with other stand-out characteristics that might make them feel different. We need more children’s books that are all-inclusive like this. The imagery suits the style of book and the illustrations are very high quality.

I like that key words are emphasised with different colours. However, sometimes there is insufficient contrast between the word colour and the background colour, which would make the words difficult to read for anyone with impaired vision.

In terms of the writing, some of the rhyming and cadence could be improved. Sometimes the words on a single page rhyme, sometimes they rhyme with the next page and in one instance they rhyme with the words two pages later. This is a bit off putting and makes reading the book more difficult. But the story’s message is lovely and something that all children need to hear.

This story could easily be read to children from birth, however, I don’t think most children under three would understand or appreciate the message. The word choice probably makes it most appropriate for children aged four and up.

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An innocence so pure, our angels on earth. “The Light You Carry” is a children’s book created with the intention of reminding all children in the world of their worth and the light they carry within them. They need reminders of who they are and what they're capable of. The way we treat the children in our life impacts their growth and decisions. It's time to take that extra step and put more effort into helping these angels in our world meet their full potential so we can see the human race on earth be as peaceful as we've always dreamed of. Every footstep they take will leave a footprint that will mark us forever. We are the present, they are the future.

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Published on August 01, 2020

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