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The Last Ranger (Ranger of the Titan Wilds: Book 1)


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A binary fantasy story between love and hate, teaching us valuable lessons on prejudice.

We all need to let our Mahia out a bit more. That is the moral lesson that ‘The Last Ranger’ teaches us. Or at least the most striking one. This story is one of binaries; love and hate, friends and enemies. We ultimately learn, however, that the former is always better. It is a simple message, and it takes time for our protagonist Leiyn to learn it, but it is a powerful one.

The time taken for Leiyn to learn this lesson is invariably spent with her being angry. Angry at her situation, angry at people, even being angry at horses sometimes. She is the embodiment of this binary story. She has reason, suffering tragedy throughout her life and right up to the end of the story - but sometimes as a reader you wish for her to show some more complexity. There are numerous moments in which she begins to think deeper and you explore her more complex emotions with her, but it is invariably cut short by anger. I do however, as a reviewer, believe this is intentional. Her willingness to anger and snap makes the discovery of her Mahia and rediscovery of the beauty of the world only more striking. We return to the moral crux of our story, love and friendship trump hatred.

When she rids herself of anger and hatred she is better off. This is a simple message, but one that is nonetheless often true in real life. A fantasy story yet again reinforcing lessons for the real world. With her Mahia she can heal her friend, protect those who remain closer to her, and bridle POWER. “A ranger always sacrifices themselves to protect others” and “a ranger never turns their back on their sharpest tool.” The power she rediscovers allows Leiyn to practice both these important lessons from her Ranger order.

It is also worth noting that she does not just aid herself, and those closest to her, with this epiphany. She helps the societal structures around her, empowering the Baltesians to stand up for themselves against an oppressive ruler. To fight for what is right. This gives our overarching moral story yet more power and validity, and builds even further the binary, and sometimes obvious, reason as to why our protagonist was written to be such an angry person. It teaches us by being less narrow-minded, we help ourselves and the world. Making it more beautiful. “Don’t judge a book by its cover and that book will be so interesting and bring you so much joy.” Even further simplified, “be nice.” Leiyn learns it goes a long way. 

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Published on December 27, 2022

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Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

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