The Joy of I.T.


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“I am truly honored to bring you this compilation of affirmative insights, featuring the generous contributions of healing poetry by Gillian Small and visionary mixed media artwork by Aurelien PumaYana Floret, Michelle Aristocrat, Autumn Skye, and Daniel Holeman. It has been a pleasure presenting their creations, as we spread the light of Divine love through this magical tapestry of artistic expression. I hope you enjoy the spiritual wisdom and my eclectic debut poetry. My intention for writing these rhythmic verses is to empower, uplift, elevate consciousness, and stimulate heart-centered elation.”—Author Lali A. Love

The Joy of I.T. is a transformative book of ingenuity and inspiration as we shift into higher states of conscious community. Featuring a collection of forty poems, mantras, and affirmations, this book will motivate, enlighten, and cultivate your senses with visually stimulating vibrational frequencies of love.

A wonderful gift idea for the holidays or special occasions, The Joy of I.T. may be enjoyed as a coffee table book or by your bedside table for a boost of mystical adrenaline, guiding your journey toward self mastery, harmony and infinite transcendence for the well being of all.

Anchoring the Light

“Although you appear in Earthly form, your Essence is pure Consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light.” —Rumi

You are a powerful, beautiful, multi-dimensional being, whose purpose is to expand into the love that you have always been. Each one of us who shares our genuine Light and Love, the most powerful force in the Universe, helps uplift humanity into higher states of conscious awareness and heals the world.

Once you realize that you are the limitless representation of celestial innocence, the living embodiment of Source energy within each thought, feeling, and response, your spiritual maturity begins to develop and evolve. In this state of ascension, you are pure consciousness, a sphere of possibilities. When you discover your true nature and understand your essence, you experience a pureness of being that can stand fearlessly in any situation. With the truth of this interconnected Oneness, you gain access to the unlimited and eternal power of the self, anchored in infinite light, attracting people and circumstances that help support your daily aspirations.

When you embrace this inner knowing, you are able to quiet the negative chatter of the external world and tap into your unlimited power. In this stillness, you begin to release any need for judgement, comparison, or competition; attributes that can only create an inner turmoil, blocking your ability to connect to your higher self. This internal dialogue projects as the experience of your physical world and reality; observing the world through the lens of your perspective. Beyond that is the infinite realm of foresight and knowing, which becomes available to you with tranquility and the magic of inner silence.

You are the Universe manifesting in a human nervous system, a Divine force that transforms energy in multiple dimensions. You are part of creation, entering this existence with pure consciousness, generating frequencies of unconditional love. You are the creators, the influencers and therefore, the catalysts for evolution. If you can but realize your true power and pure potential, then the opportunities are endless in this ever-expanding Universe. May you always be blessed with the radiant life force energy, Beloved.

“Pointing to another world will never stop vice among us; shedding light over this world can alone help us.” ―Walt Whitman


She Spread Her Wings

She spawned her wings of Golden light,

cascading through ways of time and plight.

Iridescent shimmers breaking free,

from lifetimes of dependent patriarchy.

Her body swayed, connecting with divine femininity,

releasing beliefs of how things are supposed to be.

Sparkles of radiant universal dust

illuminated her soul with such brilliant gust.

Breathing and sensing to the sounds of her own soul,

as her wings opened fluttered,

transmuting old to gold.

It was time to set her spirit free,

spreading her wings for humanity.

Gillian Small

Chapter 2 - Energetic Beings

“If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of frequency, vibration, and energy.” —Nicola Tesla

Everything is energy, and energy connects all things and carries information in a constant flow of momentum. As such, every sentient being on Earth is an infinite mystery, whether it’s humans, plants, animals, bacteria, etc. The journey to enlightenment requires an awareness of this interconnectedness and a relinquishment of the personal narrative.

Your thoughts are sound waves of electrical pulses that penetrate all time and space. Your mind perceives and evaluates, creating vibrational frequencies that can change your physical world by changing your thoughts and beliefs. Your feelings are your conscious awareness of your vibration, and a manifestation of unseen, internal reality.

Beyond the mind resides the eternal unchanging spirit, with pure unlimited potential. It is a construct of your interpretations, self-talk, beliefs, and emotional reactions that create specific outcomes in the physical world. Daily systematic perceptual experience inhibits the connection to the Source, which is beyond all perception.

Your vibration equals your point of attraction for everything coming into your reality. Energy that is on the same frequency will resonate and attract. Energy that is not on the same frequency will repel. To live in harmony with this Universal Law, remember to become aware of what you are thinking and the negative self-chatter. You can change the vibration by simply acknowledging your thoughts and improving it by imagining something more pleasant that brings your heart feelings of joy.

“You draw to you the people and events which resonate with the energy that you are radiating. You attract what you are, so be your best.” —Lynda Field


The Rise

She thought she was losing her mind, hounded by nightmares of darkness.

She yearned for a sense of belonging that she could harness.

When she looked in the mirror with hope for salvation

she gazed deeply into her emerald pools of wisdom with jubilation.

She peered at the Cosmos as the answers poured in

and travelled beyond the dimensions that could be found within.

She discovered a magical realm where the light resided

the language of love was mysterious, but the feeling was akin, she had decided.

She wandered for days in pursuit of the unknown

until she realized an existence the Divine had shown.

She voyaged with her galactic compass, seeking satisfaction

as her Soul sketched her a map of what she had forgotten.

The Council spoke to her in light codes without using words

She was immediately activated to embrace her ethereal lords.

She recognized she was sent on a mission of devotion

Her journey propelled her with lessons of awakening revocation.

Light could only be grasped with the wisdom of dark passion

as her heart vibrated with the harmonic frequencies of compassion.

Relinquishing to the full power of unconditional love

intensifying her vulnerability and forgiveness for the Universe above.

She illuminated her light to eradicate the darkness

and realized she was cloaked in a warrior shield that no one could harness.

She prayed for the power of her infinite self in her classes,

as her angelic vibrations reversed and healed the masses.

She never questioned her path again.

The Light applauded her wisdom, her love and grace with an amen.

She was infinite energy, radiating bliss in space

with blessings of joy and peace, uplifting the human race.

Lali A. Love 

About the author

Book Excellence Award, Global e-Book Gold Award, Readers Favorite Thriller Award. Lali A. Love expertly delivers complex characters and intricate worlds. The ease with which the stories are told is a reflection of the author’s talent in exercising fluent, powerful, & appropriate language. view profile

Published on November 09, 2020

20000 words

Genre: Poetry

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