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The Journey of a Hidden Princess



Although technically a princess, Anikka has experienced the ups and downs of life like most. In her debut book, you will enjoy Anikka’s journey as she allows you to glimpse into a few of her nineteen years worth of authentic diary material from (2010-2016) written every day to some days.

Her book will have you laughing, crying, intrigued and captivated as a 'lady of colour and variety' whose ancestry traces back to royalty takes you into her most intimate thoughts and experiences. In reading the book, The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline, not since Princess Diana will a reader come up close and personal with a lady who in spite of her royalty is genuine, truthful and humble.


J: “Oh just go back to sleep Aunty Nicky”

ME: “What do you mean go back to sleep when the two of you have just come in the room! What are you doing, please”?

J: “I've come to get something!”

ME: “To get what”?

J: “Something”.

ME: “Either go back outside and sit down or come to bed.  Don't let me get up”!

J: “And what!!!? Get up then.”

So, I do and walk over to them by the door. I tell him to leave, and he'll see her tomorrow and for her to go to bed. But she didn't want to listen to me; instead, she was trying to get Renk (rude and out of order). As I'm opening the door to see Mr DJ out, there she is trying to leave with him, so I put my hand out to hold her back, and then she pushes me, so I move her away from the door and before I know it she's hitting out at me! I manage to push her back away from the door again straight onto the bed, trying to hold her so that she can calm down. Then she starts kicking me. WTF! What is going on with this child please (I was thinking) she's like a 'mad’ gyal (girl) all because I didn't allow her to keep the boy in the room or should I say, “mashed up any antics that she was looking to go on wid” in my presence? Nah mate wasn't happening!!!  I was glad that I didn't lose it as the last time I did have a physical fight; it was with my older brother (her Dad) in the mid 9Ts (90’s) during my early teens. We were fighting so bad that I pushed him hard (not realising) where he was standing, he fell back then went flying, crashing through the glass window, onto the front lawn. #thankgod


Whenever we use to fight it was far from pretty and had I lost it with her trust me she would have been seriously hurt, lost at sea or dead!!! Because outside our room was the pool then 3 meters away was the edge leading to the deep blue sea so was not about to be responsible for her 

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Hi All, if you like non-fiction books then this will be a book for you as its full of so much variety, it's real, raw, funny, sad but most of all authentic and a true 'open book' read from a 'no-filter' lady! Enjoy the read and look forward to your review. Thank you in advance. @anikkaforbes view profile

Published on December 12, 2019

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Contains explicit content ⚠️

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