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The Inner Journey



The status quo is collapsing, and only by changing our minds can we change the world. The Inner Journey is an invitation to take on self-responsibility with fervor, a call to remember your true nature, and a welcome companion on your path toward self-actualization.

Are you a rebel with a cause, ready for the true freedom that awaits you within the revolution of consciousness? Designed to inspire your creativity and initiate your internal hero and heroine, this quest will lead you to a new world of possibilities.

With a courageous love for truth, and an unwavering commitment to transformation, Ciela shares her self-inquiry and exploration of the internal cosmos with the intention that it will be useful for your liberation.

What Is the Inner Journey?

“Be not the slave of your own past—plunge into

the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so

you shall come back with new self-respect, with

new power, and with an advanced experience

that shall explain and overlook the old.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Joan of Sparc, we’re pioneering some new terrain: igniting an

inner journey, bringing humans through a hero’s and heroine’s

creative process to encourage the death, rebirth, and transformation

cycle as a way of life.

The inner journey is a timeless invitation to reclaim the parts of

ourselves we’ve long ignored. And to discover the treasures of our hearts,

we must have the courage to face ourselves in ways we haven’t yet dared.

Humans have been traversing this psychological and transpersonal

terrain for longer than our minds can reach conceptually.

Traditionally, the approach has been in silence or

within hermetic circles, secret societies, and mystery schools.

The process takes one through rites of passage and rituals

to mark and define the crossing of particular thresholds of

understanding. What we know is either through experience

or passed down in myths and through the art of storytelling.

Regardless of a particular faith, religion, or philosophy, every

one of us has an inner world yet to be discovered.

No one else can claim this or take this from you . . . unless

you give it to them. Unfortunately, there are many in the world

who seek to manipulate and coerce seekers on their path. Stories

and tales of this tragic reality have been on archetypal

repeat throughout time, where the dynamic between guru and

disciple goes awry. This is why we are so inspired to share in a

way that is in alignment with a Guru Free Philosophy.

Your path is yours alone, unique while also sharing commonalities

with others on their path. Now ask yourself, are

you willing to seek the jewels of your innermost self if the cost

is giving up some of the ways you currently think and feel?

Sometimes we are deeply attached to certain ways of being

that are harming ourselves or others, yet due to familiarity or

if they induce pleasure, we choose them again and again.

And this is just the beginning . . . again. It always is. This

is not about arriving anywhere specific; the journey itself truly

is a jewel in the rough. We are exploring a cycle of nature, our

true nature, and within a condensed period of time. This container

will force us through certain chapters and moments,

giving us a full-spectrum perspective and experience of a


When we review the current maps of the hero’s or heroine’s

journey, it is typically shown as a circle with arrows

pointing to the right, down, back up and around. It is implied

that one can walk around and around. Instead, I invite you

to imagine opening the circle as if it has a door with a handle

on the right-hand side. As you draw the door toward you, see

how the circle actually becomes a spiral and that each cycle

around the circle is one loop on the spiral of our psychological


It doesn’t really matter where you are on your personal

spiral; what does matter is that you are walking through the

doorway, working to know yourself on an ongoing basis.

Would it make sense to continue to live unconsciously if

the opportunity to become more conscious is within reach?

This work is designed to invoke a wellspring of inspiration

amidst the peaks and the valleys you will inevitably encounter

along the way.

This exploration is for all levels of practitioners and initiates

on the path of inner work. Regardless of where you find

yourself with experience as a deep diver of the inner realms or

as a newly curious explorer, you will be able to source exactly

what is needed for you.

You may actually already be on the journey at one stage

or another. The intention for us here is to collectively and

individually learn through experience what is already occurring

unconsciously. When we bring the unconscious to the conscious mind,

everything is possible, including extraordinary levels of understanding,

healing, and integration.

There is no magic pill for enlightenment, yet there are

tried and true explorations and excavations through layers of

our psyche that can fully provide an experience of the liberation

of our essence. Because this is such a deeply personal

process, we are simply sharing what we have learned and what

we know is possible through self-inquiry, self-observation, and

all the other tools we’ll discuss throughout our time together.

You will come away with a symbol of transformation etched

into possibility as you continue your inner and outer journey

of life.

The inner journey is an offering from the heart; we are not

claiming this to be the way or your truth. It is a space to share

wisdom gained through experience in the hopes that it may be

useful for your life, deaths of self, and transformation. We’re

excited to go through this deep voyage with those of you who

are change agents, visionaries, and transformers, whether you

know this about yourself yet or not.

About the author

A rebel at heart, Ciela seeks the extraordinary in the everyday. She weaves inner work and creative inspiration throughout her life with a contagious enthusiasm for storytelling and artistic expression. She is the founder of Joan of Sparc, to revolutionize the way we think and feel about life. view profile

Published on August 08, 2020

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