Medical Thriller

The Injection


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The only thing to save two old friends from death may also be what kills them.

Mr. Peters is a successful business owner. Other than dealing with a recent rash of break-ins, he lives a very satisfying life. That was until a childhood friend and brilliant scientist paid him a visit.

While the two friends had a troubled past, not speaking for ten years, the reunion was a happy one. That happiness quickly took a wrong turn as their lives are threatened.

Now held captive, the use of an experimental drug was the only option. A top-secret drug that enhanced a person’s will and physicality is the only thing giving them a fighting chance.

However, there are deadly side effects. Along with enhanced abilities comes a decrease in mental stability. Moreover, there is more to the kidnappings than first thought.

Will the two childhood friends maintain their sanity long enough to survive?

Chapter One

"I wonder if I would die if I dove off this building?”

“We aren’t ready for that kind of test yet. Why

did you take the injection, are you crazy?”

The man, wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt and a

white lab coat, stood near the edge of the building.

Twenty stories up.

“There’s no way anyone could survive jumping from


“I know… don’t even think about it.”

The man in black leaned over. He could feel the wind

on his face. As high up as they were, the wind was a lot

greater than on ground level. He leaned over, looking


“It’s high, but not that high…”

The man in black turned to look at his friend.

He smiled.

He jumped.


The man fell toward the ground. The wind rippled his

face, forcing his mouth open. The white lab coat flapped

as he spread his arms and legs. He counted the floors as

he went down.




He pulled his hands to his side and tightened his legs

beside one another, imagining how it would feel to fly.

But he was only a few feet away from what would most

likely be his end.




He noticed how close he was and shifted his body. He

imagined that maybe if he could land and roll, he would

be okay. Surprised at how easily he could maneuver

himself, he got into position.



He was ready for whatever outcome; he believed in

his experiment. He thought about all the testing he had

done so far. It had to work.


The man in black landed on his feet and rolled.

Without breaking momentum, he rose and continued

running. He was uninjured. He’d landed. His experiment

worked. His white lab coat flapped as the speed at which

he ran was greater than he could ever imagine. He circled

the building he had just jumped from a few times before

taking off down the nearby highway.

“I’m running almost as fast as these cars!”

He leapt up, grabbed onto a street light and swung.

After pulling himself up, he jumped again, landing on the

roof of a nearby house. Jumping once more put him on

top of a taller house. He leapt from the house to the

street and ran. The speed was addictive. He didn’t want

to stop running.


He was getting tired.

He ran to a nearby field, as he thought it was a safe

spot. His vision started to blur. He stopped running and

took a seat in the grass. He thought about the jump from

the building and how dangerous it was, but that was all

he could remember. He passed out.

Moments later his friend, the man that stood with

him atop the building, arrived.

“Tracy? Mr. Jones?” he said.

There was no answer.

“I think he’s okay, let’s get him back to his office…

This idiot. I told him we weren't ready for human trials.”

The man in black slept for several days. When he

awoke, after a brief scolding from his friend and partner,

he resumed his experiment. He wanted to make it better.

He was happy with his success, but it needed more work.


Chauncy arrived at the HD Shop a little earlier than

usual. The HD Shop was a home electronics store,

Chauncy’s baby. His pride and joy. He was the owner and

founder of this popular store. The HD Shop was a onestop

shop to get all the latest televisions, stereo equipment,

and other home electronics and gadgets. A very

high-end store in the growing city of Charlotte, North


This morning, Chauncy didn’t just show up early

because he had a boost of motivation. Someone had

called him in. Not an employee or a customer… it was the

police. What awaited him was very disappointing. He

put his whole life’s work into this store, and it had done

well for him. He lived a comfortable life with all the luxuries

that went along with the fantasy of being a business

owner. What he saw as he pulled up and got out of his

car left him distraught.

The front window of the store was shattered. A large

cinderblock brick sat on the floor just inside the store.

That cinderblock was used to break the window and gain

entry. Someone had robbed the HD Shop. Shattered

glass covered the floor around the block. A closed sign

hung on its frame, broken partially from its mount but

still lit as it swung back and forth.

Through the broken storefront window, the view

inside showed there were no damaged items, but clearly

missing items. Someone had moved the display shelving

of the new large-panel TVs around. Several were missing.

Movie players and computers were also missing from the

shelves. The thieves had their pick of items and meticulously

grabbed things they wanted. They even took all

the accessories that went with those things.

“It was like they had all night,” Chauncy thought to


He also thought about how it looked like the thieves

had a plan and the layout of the store.

“Could be an inside job, but anyone can walk in a few

times and get the layout of the store,” Chauncy thought


A few workers surveyed the damage. A replacement

window pane was staged nearby, ready to install and

replace the damaged one. Chauncy walked through the

HD Shop to the back of the store, to his office.

The back office of the shop was lush. One side of the

room was an oversized leather couch. On the other side of

the room sat a large, mahogany executive-style desk. The

highest end personal computer sat on that desk. Mounted

on the wall were several surveillance monitors. Chauncy

stood in his lush office and looked around. He looked at his

computer for a few minutes, and then looked over at his

surveillance monitors. Shaking his head, he tapped away at

the keyboard on his desk while guiding his mouse around.

Two police officers waited in Chauncy’s office.

Chauncy walked by them as he came in as if they weren’t

there, showing no acknowledgment of their presence.

Officer Ryan, a forty-seven-year-old black man, was

writing notes on his notepad while Officer Ford stood

impatiently. She shot Chauncy a look as he walked past,

expecting some type of address, but there wasn’t one.

Chauncy typed on his computer. His face grew with

anger as he typed. He kept looking at the monitors,

trying to process what happened. He looked at the

screens for moments which turned his face red, but

before his cool could leave him, he calmed himself.

“How is it I have owned this store for ten years, and

not once have I been robbed or broken into—but in the

past two months, it has happened three times! What the

hell am I paying you for?” Chauncy said as he aimed his

glare at the police officers.

“To keep my shop from being broken into! That’s why

I’m paying you!” he added.

Chauncy looked at his watch, and then walked over

to the file cabinet mounted on the wall. He took out a

set of keys from his pocket.

“Sir, I know this is unfortunate, but we are here to

help,” said Officer Ford. “So, you said—”

“Excuse me, Miss Ford, I know I don’t actually pay

you, and I apologize for saying that,” Chauncy interrupted.

“I’m just mad and frustrated.”

Chauncy unlocked the top drawer of his desk and

grabbed a TV remote. He sat it on top of the desk. He

then reached back into the desk and picked up a

prescription pill bottle and opened it.

“I accept your apology, don’t worry about it. You are

upset, and it is understandable,” said Officer Ford. “Also,

it’s Officer Ford.”

Chauncy dumped a few pills from his prescription

bottle into the palm of his hand. He lifted his hand and

tossed a pill in his mouth, no water, chewed and swallowed.

He put the rest loose in his pocket as he returned

the prescription bottle to the desk drawer.

“Officer Ford it is,” Chauncy said.

“So, you were saying you had surveillance film of what

happened?” said Officer Ford. “Can we see that?”

Chauncy grabbed the remote from his desk and

aimed it at one of the surveillance monitors.

“That’s some set-up you got there,” said Officer Ryan.

“I didn’t even notice the cameras when I was walking

through the store.”

“Yeah, I spent a ton of cash on this so that no one can

see the cameras,” said Chauncy. “Got my house wired the

same way. I hit this switch, and…”

Chauncy leaned over to his computer and pressed a

button. All the monitors went black. After a second, they

all returned and there was a bedroom on the screen. On

another screen, a living room. The third showed the

front door of someone’s home. Basically, every inch of a

house was being displayed through the monitors on the


“Is that your house?” Office Ford asked.

“Yes, it is, and the cameras are just as invisible there

as they are here,” Chauncy replied.

Chauncy went back to the computer and switched

the monitors back to the store cameras. He pointed the

remote at the screen and started the playback of some

video recorded during the break-in. Everyone focused

their attention on the monitors mounted on the wall.

Each one displayed a different angle of the robbery. All

played in sync.

The video started.

Three thieves stood outside the store, wearing a" black.

One thief slung a large cinderblock through the #ont


The other two ran inside a$er the glass fe". They rushed

to the seventy-inch flat-panel TV, while the first thief grabbed

a movie player #om the shelf.

The lights of the van backing up near the #ont of the store

came into view. The van doors opened, and the thieves loaded

the stolen items. A$er the thieves finished loading the van, one

thief ran back into the store and grabbed a handful of cables.

Fina"y, a" the thieves got into the van and drove away.

“Do you have sound on this?” said Officer Ryan.

“Yeah, let me turn it up and I’ll replay it.”

Chauncy pointed the remote and started the video

again, this time with sound. They all watched again as

the thieves committed the crime.

“Did you hear? Somebody said something,” said

Officer Ryan.

Chauncy reversed the video again and played. They

watched the deed again and got to the part where the

thieves were about to run back into the store. They

heard a voice from off camera.

“Who said that, was it the driver?” Chauncy asked.

“They said ‘go back and get some cables, those things

are expensive.’ Some nerve,” said Officer Ford.

“Who cares how expensive cables are when you stole

the TV you need them for!” Chauncy yelled.

“From the video, we can’t make out any faces, but we

would like to hold onto the footage if possible. One thing

we do know, they knew exactly what they were going in

there to get. They have been in your store before,” said

Officer Ryan.

Chauncy leaned over to his computer and loaded a

drive into the USB port.

“Sure, I’ll make you a copy. Just a sec.”

Chauncy tapped a few keys on the keyboard and

copied the video to the drive.

“I need to be out on the floor more often. I need to

know if people in here are actually shopping, or just

getting a shopping list together to come back later and

steal my merch!” Chauncy said.

He pulled out the drive and handed it over to Officer


“Mr. Peters, I would say take notice of your

customers… but that’s it. There is a whole lot more

paperwork involved with a murder versus a B and E,” said

Officer Ryan.

The three of them left Chauncy’s office and walked

out to the showroom floor. They looked around for a few

moments before Chauncy escorted the officers through

the store.

A few employees had shown up for work. They were

shocked as they looked around, wondering what

happened. The workers finished replacing the storefront

window pane and were now packing up the job. Chauncy

noticed the employees.

“One of you get a broom and clean up this glass.

We’ve got to open the doors in thirty minutes,” Chauncy


Jeff, a personal trainer from a nearby gym, walked by.

He stopped when he noticed the damage.

“What happened, someone broke in again?” asked


“Yeah, third time in the last two months. They got

the seventy-inch this time,” Chauncy responded.

Officer Ford walked by Jeff. She stopped and looked.

Jeff was a very well-built man, very easy on the eyes, and

Officer Ford noticed.

“Please tell me he broke into your store. I’d love to

get him in cuffs,” said Officer Ford.

“Miss—I mean, Officer Ford…” Chauncy said with

surprise in his voice.

“I was being Miss Ford that time. You got it right,”

Officer Ford answered. “I am human! Who is he?”

“That’s Jeff. He works at the gym down the street.

Used to be my wife’s personal trainer. Had to put a stop

to that,” Chauncy said.

They both laughed.

“Rodney! Get someone to help you bring another one

of those seventy-inches from the back,” Chauncy yelled.

Chauncy and the two officers stood in front of the

store for a while as they went over the final details. The

employees continued cleaning and getting the store

ready. One employee had the TV turned on, watching

the morning news.

“You see this?” said one employee.

TV Newscast

The fi!h family has gone missing last night in
what seems to be a serial kidnapping epidemic. The
other four families were kidnapped while returning
to the city. They were held hostage for approximately
a week, and then let go. A" their belongings were
stolen. The identities of the kidnappers are sti"
unknown. They didn’t ask for a ransom or anything,
just held the families for a week, then let them go.
More at noon…

“Turn that off! We don’t need anything depressing

playing when the customers come,” Chauncy said. “They

need to be smiling, happy, and ready to spend money.”

About the author

DL Jones is a Writer, IT Professional and Tech Enthusiast. DL Jones was born in Brooklyn NY, grew up in Newport News VA and has spent the last 8 years in Charlotte NC. He has served time in the US Army and works as an IT Professional. view profile

Published on October 20, 2020

Published by 43Ten Press

50000 words

Genre: Medical Thriller

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