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The Hunt


Worth reading 😎

Paranormals + a deaf main character = a very interesting and unique reading experience.

In The Hunt we have a main character, Maeleigh, who is deaf. I found it fascinating to read about this as it really added another layer to the story. Since the story is partly told through her POV we had to rely on her other senses and it really made a unique reading experience. I also found that every time we read through Maeleigh's POV I felt a quiet calm in my head as if I also couldn't rely on my hearing through out the story.

We also get the POV's from multiple characters which is one of my favorite features in books. I always feel it adds more to the story and makes it more rounded out. It was not a disappointment in this story and I felt like we really got some unique POV's that we don't normally see in other multi-POV books (like some side characters and the "bad guy").

Now, lets talk about what I didn't love about this book. My biggest complaint was the lack of information we get, and mainly the lack of information about the paranormals. This book features two: Druids & Wolves, and by the end I honestly can't tell you much about either of them. Us (and Maeleigh) are kept out of the loop a lot and other than knowing that they exist, we really don't learn much else. I am sure we will learn more in the next book, but I feel like we should have at least had a concrete definition of what each of them is by the end.

There was another smaller problem I had with the book, which is honestly an editing issue. Sometimes Maeleigh could hear a laugh or a deep rumble of a voice and we didn't get a clear explanation for it. At one point she mentions a hearing aid, but we never learned she had one before. It honestly just made things a little confusing. I also wish a little bit more happened in the romance department, but that is personal preference. I always want more there. I do wish there were some dates or something that they went on to explain her feelings for him better, because although the pacing of the romance is slow, we don't have an explanation of why she gets feelings for the guy.

Overall, I enjoyed my time reading this. There were some flaws, but I still read it until the end and wanted to know more. Would I read the next book? Yes.

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Published on September 24, 2019

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